Resource guide to Thailand’s top and cheapest shopping destination

Up for some shopping adventure in one of Asia’s wildest shopping destinations? Brace yourself and plunge yourself into the endless alleys and mazes of markets filled with a dizzying number of items and clothing that are sold at a tenth of their value.

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Most of the markets we will feature here have clothing, street food, accessories, shoes, antiques, and everything in between. Prepare your A-game and be as stingy as you can (sellers are expecting it anyway) so you can get the best prices for the items you want.

Let’s start!

Rod Fai. AKA the Train Market, this quirky shopping location got its name from the original Rod Fai night market adjacent to the train tracks on Bangkok’s outskirts. The newer Rod Fai market is conveniently situated near the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT, which is much closer to the city and faster to visit than the Rod Fai that’s next to Seacon Square Shopping Mall.

You’ll know that you’re in Rod Fai through the rainbow-coloured tents. Here you’ll find plenty of street food, rows of bars for entertainment, and hundreds of shopping stalls that will cater to every shopping whim you got.

Location: Ratchada Road

On Nut Night Market. Nicely situated in easy to access and central location, the On Nut Night Market is popular to expats who live in the area as well as visitors who aren’t keen on venturing out too far from the comfortable entertainment and atmosphere of this night market.

On Nut is compact, but it’s a splendid place to meet up with friends to unwind after a long day after spending the day touring the temples and streets of Bangkok. On Nut is pleasantly organised with a variety of walk-up bars and a few energetic live bands and bars setting the ambience of the place – the same place where you can find to check and combine holidays with shopping.

Location: On Nut Square, Sukhumvit Road

JJ Green. Locally known as a vintage market, JJ Green is nestled in a lush park and sits next to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It gets its crowd from tourists making their way from the Weekend Market after it closes around 18:00. The relatively quiet atmosphere of JJ Green is a hit to groups of locals and tourists who want to shop and score vintage finds.

You can find cheap items from watches, plates, to useless electronic parts. However, a few proper shops also lined with items can be found just outside the market. In any case, prepare to find unique and unexpected finds.

Location: Kamphaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak

Pak Khlong Talat. Want something different? Visit the flower market at Pak Khlong Talat where you can browse colourful beautiful and fresh flowers. The market is alive with vibrant colours, varied styles, and of course, cheap prices. You can also just walk around, pick up a small bouquet and take in the calming presence of flowers.

Location: Chakphet Road and Saphan Phut

Saphan Phut Night Market. Located adjacent the Pak Khlong Talat flower market, this is relatively small, yet this vibrant market particularly caters to the teenage crowd from the nearby school. It opens late, 8 pm onwards. Most stores here offer clothing and shoes for a younger crowd, but you can also find piercing and tattoo stalls if you’re feeling bold.

Location: Chakraphet and Maharat road

Parting Note

Get the most out of your Thailand adventure by reading up comprehensively about Thailand travel culture, planning/travel guides, and other helpful tips. Remember, proper planning and a good itinerary goes a long way to ensure that your trip is problem-free, fun and most of all, shopping-filled.

Shop well!