Components of Frameless Glass Balustrades and their Uses


Originally designed to be used as barriers around swimming pools, to stop people accidentally falling in, frameless glass balustrades are now used in a variety of settings such as landing spaces and staircases.

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In this post, we look at the potential uses and the components.

The clean, crisp lines of glass balustrades and the fact that they are translucent means not only do they look great, they also make the space they are in look open and therefore bigger.

The Components

The glass used is tempered in order to give it strength and tinted options are available as well as standard clear ones.

Other components required to install the balustrade are spigots and clamps, these are used to fix the balustrade in place. If the balustrade is being used on a staircase, then the best practice is to use a handrail, these generally come in brushed or polished stainless steel and can be bought as standalone products or as part of the fixing kit.

Barrier Components are a company who specialise in this area and have a comprehensive range from which to choose and who can also offer help and advice for those looking to install a glass balustrade.

Where to Use Glass Balustrades

As we mentioned earlier glass were designed to be used as barriers around swimming pools. The reasons for this are because, not only do they stop people accidentally falling into the water, they also allow the pool to be monitored while at distance from it.

That is to say, that if the barrier were not made of glass, when there is activity is occurring in the swimming pool, anyone who isn’t directly poolside would not be aware of it – important if the pool is in a domestic setting and young children are involved.

Also mentioned earlier was the use of glass balustrades on staircases and landing areas, where they give a modern, sheer look and help emphasis the space.

In addition to these are balconies and roof terraces, where, again, they are effective as unimposing barriers. Another benefit of using glass balustrades on balconies or outdoors is that they offer some protection from wind and so a more relaxing and warmer environment in which to spend time.

Finally, glass balustrades can be put on top of low walls, making for a higher perimeter, but without blocking the view of the surrounding area.

Glass balustrades provide a stylish, effective and cost effective solution in a wide range of design and construction scenarios.