How to Know If You Have a Termite Infestation

Termites can invade your home and live anywhere. It can be in the house foundation, on the door and window frames, or on your wooden floor. You may not notice them easily unless you do some search or when the damage becomes much visible. Termites feed on wood on your frames, floor, and any other wooden furniture. It is essential to start searching your house looking for termites since they come unannounced. If you hear your neighbors complaining of termites, you might be a host too, since they spread fast. Early checking prevents the damage they cause. Here are four significant signs of the termites.

  • Termites Noise

Which is the termites’ noise? If you hear noise on walls, frames, or inside any wood, it might be termites banging their heads on the surfaces. Sometimes they make such noises when they sense dangers to warn others. If you are a keen listener, placing your ear on the suspected area will make you hear the worker termites’ munching noise. If you hear any of the noises, it’s time to call for the termite exterminator to destroy them before the damage becomes prevalent. One funny discovery about termites is that they love rock music. If you extensively play rock music in your house, you will hear more noises, but their damage will be twice as much. They detect noises and vibrations easily through their antennae and other body parts.

  • Flying Termites

If you regularly see flying termites in your home, there is more than what meets the eye. These flying termites are usually single males and females who are looking for partners to start a colony. They can cause serious trouble if you don’t take fast measures – they build new mounds and multiply. Most of these flies at night and get attracted to light, with most of them getting out when it rains. Besides seeing them flying, you might find their discarded wings. This shows they have found a mate and are now building the colony. This situation requires taking swift measures.

  • White Ants

When you see white ants, they might not be the ants as such, but termites. There is a slight difference between the white ants and termites. They resemble in size, shape, and also how they act. The differences are subtle, including termites being lighter, straight antennas, and a thick waist compared to the ants. You will never see a white ant.

  • Hollow or papery damaged timber

Termites feed on the soft inside layer of the wood. They feed on the inside, leaving only a thin layer of wood or just the paint. The outer surface of the wood will feel papery, and knocking on it produces a hollow sound. This situation signifies there is nothing inside the wood, and you might find the feasting termites. After you discover this, you need to get a terminator before repairing the place.

There are many signs of the presence of termites in your home. Others are dump wood, wood tunnels, termite droppings, and much more. You don’t have to wait until they do damages. Be on the lookout and always call a professional to remove them and disinfect the area before repairing the damaged surfaces.