How to relax in times of crisis: 3 useful suggestions

The spring of 2020 is beginning in a totally unexpected way, with the unusal experience of a pandemic flaring up. Modern society is not used to this type of situation. As our habits get more and more disrupted, stress is beginning to grow. Not all of us react in the same way. For some of us, having fun with an hollywood casino online is quite enough for a satisfactory break. Others need a more elaborate coping strategy.

Here are three unusual but useful suggestions:

  1. Accept the situation

Unluckily, this is not going to end soon. We are in for several months of disruption. We could also find out that the consequences of the shock will be rather long term. The best advice for you in this situation is: don’t fight it! This does not mean you should be passive and give in to pessimism and depression. Quite the contrary. The point is not getting stressed out for the aspects that you cannot change, so that you keep your psychic resources fresh and vibrant for the things you can actually do. Don’t waste energies in getting angry about things that are less important, like having to give up what is surplus in your life, when it comes to your habits. Focus on the basics, filter out what is necessary and important and focus on how you can preserve that part.

  1. Enjoy the little things

Savouring small things that are available to you will help you with point 1. Make the most from what you can have in this moment, instead of growing bitter and frustrated on what you cannot have. If you are not going to be able to dine in your favourite restaurants for a while, enjoy a good home made meal. A trip you were planning is impossible right now? You will go later, in the meanwhile you can find more information on your destination, watch videos and photos of it. Above all, you could now get a chance to spend more time with your family. The right thing, even if for the wrong reasons.

  1. Learn something new

The learning process is a wonderful phenomenon of us humans. We can learn just about anything, all life long. When we get involved in something that captures our interest, time stops and we enter a different dimension. Stress loses its grasp on our mind. You might face very challenging situations in the weeks and months to come: turn them into learning opportunities! If you go on working, chances are you will have to find ways to do things differently, so take it as a wonderful opportunity  to develop your creativity. If you have to stay at home, this too is a great opportunity to read, study, think. All things that are often difficult to fit into a busy everyday routine.

The bottom line: you are never really powerless, not even in a crisis situation. Learn to cope with stress by changing your focus and you will gain a wonderful and powerful tool: resilience.