How To Take Care Of Your Outdoor Water Fixture

An outdoor water fixture is a great way to create a relaxing and inviting space in your yard or garden.

Some people are hesitant to add another chore to their list of things they need to do to take care of a garden. Though you are adding some extra work, it is not that hard and it is totally worth it.

When you have outdoor fountains in your garden, you get the relaxing sounds of bubbling water, the addition of birds coming to your yard and the cooling nature of water when it’s hot. Adding a few items onto your to do list is a small price to pay.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your outdoor water fixture.

Keep the water level up

You’ll be surprised at how much water will evaporate out of your fountain or fish pond. Even if it isn’t in direct sunlight, the splashing of the water can still have it evaporate quickly.

It is important to monitor the water level for a couple of reasons. First, if it gets too low, it can impact how the pump works. If it isn’t getting enough water, it can burn out. Second, there could be a leak somewhere in the hoses or structure.

Needing to fill the water everyday because it is getting low is a sure sign there is a leak. Look around the perimeter of the fixture to see if there is any wetness around there that could be from a leak and not splashing. You may even hear a hissing noise if you listen closely.

Clear debris

Leaves, sticks and dead bugs will wreak havoc with your pump. You should be diligent about checking to make sure there is no debris in the fountain or fish pond to keep it running smoothly.

Aside from the fact that it can ruin your hardware, it also doesn’t look good to have lots of stuff floating around in it.

Use a small net if your fountain or pond is too big to do it by hand and skim away all of the floaties. It’s also a good idea to have a skimmer or debris basket to do this so you don’t have to every day.

Keep the motor running

The heart and soul of the fountain is the pump. It is what makes the fountain a fountain and not a pond. And even a pond will need a filter to keep algae from choking it out and becoming a swamp.

You’ll need to keep an eye on it and really follow the manufacturer’s advice for maintaining it. It may be required to lubricate it on a schedule or at least change filter mesh to keep it running properly.

Get it winterized

Before the winter, you may need to drain your fountain and put the pump away if it isn’t attached permanently. This will keep the essential hardware from freezing. In areas that don’t face a harsh winter, you can probably get away with installing a de-icer on bigger installations.