How to Start a Career in Tattooing

A tattoo artist is a modern and creative profession that many people dream of. In this article, we tried to collect in one place all the most essential subtleties for those who decided to become tattoo artists. Of course, it’s worth starting with the basic skills and virtues that a beginner tattoo artist should have. This is what we will focus on first. Let’s start!

Artistic skill

If you don’t have natural talent, you can create your own style and hone it to perfection. To learn how to make tattoos, honed skills and a confident hand are essential.

Many are sure that there is nothing to do in a tattoo field without an academic drawing (it will not be superfluous, of course), but you will be surprised by the number of self-taught artists among the top masters. You need to have some artistic vein in and you to be able to understand beauty part of the design (on the beauty tips side you can be saved from

Where to begin?

There are many difficulties that seem to attack you on your path. Choosing a tattoo machine is not easy for a beginner because he still does not understand how his work will be built. When taking a tattoo machine in hand for the first time, the future tattoo artist may not understand how to hold it or balance it, but all this is a matter of experience.

We recommend starting with artificial skin for training, and if possible, consult with familiar tattoo artists and try different tattoo machines to understand how to make tattoos correctly. If you feel that more information is needed check tattoo courses here to gain some additional knowledge.

Do I need a tattoo artist license?

Many people think that you need a special tattoo artist license. But this is not so. However, we strongly recommend that you replenish your stock of medical knowledge, since the tattoo is associated with the skin, in addition, your client may be allergic. All this can be taught from the Internet courses. When choosing best Udemy art courses to inspire yourself, do not forget about some medical ones. This is no less important for work. Of course, before the session, you must be 100% sure that the client is not in danger, but in extreme cases, be prepared to provide first aid and keep a first aid kit at your workplace.

Service and communication with clients

The next thing that is important for a tattoo artist to know is the service. The tattoo master, as mentioned earlier, provides domestic services, which means that he regularly works with people. So if you have a terrible temper by nature, you should work on your sense of tact and probably overpower yourself. Of course, you have the right to refuse any person you do not like, but is it reasonable in the early stages of your career? Hardly!

Before getting a tattoo, work on yourself: be friendly and polite and take care of your tattooed clients and your career will go uphill faster. Well, these are the main points that relate to your virtues.

Now it’s time to move on to your toolkit!

What is needed for a tattoo? Let’s single out three main types of tools in the workplace of a tattoo artist:

Tattoo machines

One or two, rotary or induction. This tool will become an extension of your hand and help bring your ideas to life.

An essential tool of a tattoo artist (after his smooth hands, of course) is a tattoo machine. The main principle of its work is the transfer of oscillatory motion to the tattoo needle, which drives the tattoo paint into the skin.

Power equipment

Power supply, wires and pedals. All these things are links in the chain, which is necessary for the launch and stable operation of tattoo machines.

Accessories and consumables

Needles, spouts, cartridges, holders and other little things that are necessary for organizing the work and comfort of a tattoo artist.

You will be surprised, but the truth is this: pigments for beginners do not exist. Doesn’t exist at all.There are safe, high-quality pigments, and there are cheap “no-name” options. You need the first, but what exactly will fit and become your best palette – to your taste and according to the recommendations.

There is nothing more for a beginner to know about tattoo paints – they are not paramount in the list of what you need to be a tattoo artist. If you still want to know more about tau paints, we have already written about them in this article.

How much does a tattoo artist earn?

Of course, money is the primary motivator. It’s worth starting with the fact that the question “how much does a tattoo artist earn?” depends on several factors. Firstly, the larger your client base, the higher the payment for painstaking tattoo sessions. Accordingly, stable high earnings are a matter of time and development of this client base.

Secondly, the salary of a tattoo artist also depends on the level of professionalism. Based on this, it becomes clear that the more experience and the higher the skill, the better your work and the higher the payment for them. Thirdly, how much a tattoo artist earns also depends on the popularity of the tattoo studio or even the place of residence – the cost of a tattoo in different cities will vary greatly.


So, what do we need to become a tattoo artist?

  • Developed artistic skill

Draw, draw and draw again. Work on your own style and confidence!

  • Medical knowledge

Don’t forget to take care of your customers, learn the necessary medical skills and keep a first aid kit at your workplace.

  • The right equipment for comfortable work

Choose high-quality equipment that will be convenient for you to work with and good consumables that will ensure the safety of the session.

Find a teacher among more experienced masters who will explain the basics and allow you to attend the sessions and ask questions

Choosing a tattoo equipment for a novice tattoo artist is an important task and we will be happy to help you.