How to Stay Entertained During Long Flights

Taking a long intercontinental flight or train ride means spending about 12 hours on board, and this often means boredom, but not necessarily. There are in fact many ways to keep yourself entertained during long flights or rides. Below are some ways to keep yourself from dying of boredom!

The feeling of disconnection

This disconnection from work and social ties (well, most of them if you travel accompanied) leaves us room for other things that we usually do not do or that we do in another way or another rhythm. While some aircrafts offer on-board internet connection, they are rarely quality connections that work sustainably. Most of the time a great way to enjoy the ride is to travel completely disconnected. This is something that those who live hyper-connected, whether for work, social, custom, etc.  reasons feel; There are no notifications of Instagram, Whatsapp, or emails, calls, SMS, there is no internet to navigate, nothing. It is like having disappeared from the world, a sensation that is increasingly exceptional.

Onboard entertainment

Most of the aircrafts that make long routes have on-board entertainment equipment and one can usually find interesting options. I particularly enjoy when I fly in airlines from other countries and access a library of different films or art cinema sections. Some airlines provide decent headphones, but most deliver pretty bad ones, taking yours can be a good idea to give yourself to cinematic pleasure. I also usually carry my own devices for onboard entertainment, such as those that do not need batteries, nor do they have to be charged, can be used at any stage of the flight, do not require headphones, or other accessories. If there’s internet onboard, another way to keep yourself entertained is to play some video games, such as playing bingo games online.

The magazine on board the airline itself can also be interesting. Another of my ways to spend time is to take the opportunity to write a post or at least make notes.

Food, drinks, gastronomic curiosities

In so many hours on board one surely takes some of the main meals: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and has the opportunity to try different dining options. In many cases they are ugly, in others they are barely passable, but there are times when they surprise us with rich and good quality things. We like when they give us a menu with options that are well detailed. Rich desserts are also appreciated. It is also good when the attendants approach the galley and leave us something to snack on. Enjoying a drink while taking in the view from your window is a great way to relax during the long hours of the journey.

The views from the plane

Another reason for the pleasure in spending several hours on a plane is the views that one can access aboard these incredible flying machines or bullet speed trains. Sometimes it is not even necessary to take off. For example you can at times play guessing and recognizing cities from above.

Many more reasons

There are many more reasons. I like to appreciate the details of the interior of the planes; music on board at certain times; lighting management; chat with the TCP. Occasionally you can meet interesting people if you are ready to talk with other passengers.


Of course, if I could always travel in business and / or first I would do it without hesitation, but after several flights I have learned to enjoy these long flights, even in economy class, and I realize that the reasons go beyond comfort. Well, it would be a little more comfortable to always travel entertained.