Is it okay to wash 100% cotton clothes?

How to prevent your clothes from shrinking during washing and drying can be influenced by how a person washes and cleans their 100% cotton clothes and vlone shirts. Everyone has experienced the moment when the cycle of the washing machine or dryer ends and you realize that half the laundry has shrunk in size, and you have to throw it out.

This unpleasant situation, especially for our pockets, is very common in all homes, rare is the house in which they have never had a problem with laundry. The reasons that produce this finish in our clothes are very varied. The main reasons that cause this are an excess of temperature in the wash and a very strong spinning, both parameters contribute to the clothing fibers contracting, resulting in the famous unwanted size reduction.

The truth is that there are several methods or steps to follow to avoid this situation, with respect to washing machines it is advisable to have a washing machine that has a good range of programs when washing is possible, it is also really useful that it incorporates the option to manually choose the temperature and revolutions, making a customized program that adapts to any garment and situation.

In any case, having a state-of-the-art washing machine that allows us to modify the temperature and spin parameters will not be possible for everyone, so it is very interesting to know the different steps that must be followed to prevent clothes from shrinking when washed. And dry it. There are 3 fundamental steps that everyone should know and follow.

Steps to follow to prevent clothing from shrinking during washing and drying

As we can read in this specialized article on washer-dryers, clothing fibers are very sensitive to both heat and temperature, so special attention will have to be paid to these two processes to avoid headaches in the future.

Read the labels of your garments      

All the garments that we have in the closet have or have had a label, which contained the information that right now you need to know how to wash it correctly. “In case you have removed these labels from your clothes before having read them, you only have to learn from the mistake and next time leave the label on your site or read it well before removing it  If you still keep this label, a large part of your juice wrld vlone, what you should do before putting the next washing machine is to see the information that is in them, because there are indicated all the care that you must follow so that that garment is kept in perfect condition been as long as possible. In that label you can see if you can wash this garment in the washing machine or not, if it is suitable for the dryer, if it is damaged at high temperatures,

Finally, it would only be left to dry the clothes, the ideal is to dry them in the open air since this way you avoid major problems, but if you are lucky enough to have a dryer you must make sure not to exceed the temperature of the label during the drying program.