Offsetting The Difficulty Of Living With Disability

Knowing Your Limits

Are you having a difficult time trying to determine whether or not you should look into obtaining benefits to offset the costs associated with your disability? Here’s an article that can help you determine whether or not you should seek disability assistance.

If you have decided to seek assistance for your disability, it may not make up for the pain you have to endure on a daily basis, but it can certainly help. What’s interesting to consider is that you may be eligible for disability benefits and not realize it. Certain conditions have legal protections which may preclude you from certain jobs, or make you an asset to certain companies.

There’s such a thing as a “Diversity Quotient”, if you will, in modern society. Call it a DQ with your tongue firmly placed in your cheek—there’s no Dairy Queen Here, after all! But what a company’s DQ is will be reflected in the kinds of people that it hires. It’s usually illegal to fire someone because of a disability; especially one sustained at work.

Sometimes such a disability can end up getting you hired as well, in the crazy atmosphere of the modern working environment. For reasons of tax relief, having a “slot” filled in an HR roster can be very important to certain organizations. You’ve likely seen Wal-Mart working to help disabled individuals find meaningful employment; this is one of the reasons why.


Getting Support

All these things being said, sometimes it can be difficult for someone living with a disability to get the proper support they need. For example, you may have a terrible recurring headache stemming from a knock on the head you received years ago. The difficulty might be getting that headache officially diagnosed such that your employer can respect your condition.

Sometimes you’ll need funding in order to go about such a diagnosis—funding that is beyond your existing means. In such a situation, you aren’t without options. Solutions like Plumfund can help you source legal fees to fight a disability battle, or medical fees for a diagnosis.

With funding from such a  provider, you’ll be able to afford checkups and tests, that could prove to your existing employer how debilitating your condition is. From a PR level, a tax level, and an infrastructural level, many organizations will be glad to keep you on regardless of disability; but they will need a legal paper trail. Accordingly, an attending physician’s statement can be integral in obtaining disability benefits. Therefore, make sure you have one as additional leverage.

Moving Forward

Living with a disability isn’t easy, but it’s much more manageable if you feel you’ve got some purpose. It may not be “winning the lottery” to have a less-than-totally-invasive disability which keeps you from the workplace. Unless you’re filling your free time with meaningful activity, you could find yourself restless to the point of poor mental health.

People want and need to feel useful, even if it’s in a tiny way. We’re here to make an impact, and do something with our lives. Disability is not the dissolution of your ability. It just means you’ve got a new challenge to overcome.