Outsource Web Development to Save Your Budget

Having a strong online presence means a lot for modern business. People spend so much time on the web these days, online sales have reached an outstanding number and continue to increase. You can sell goods, products and services via a website but you do have to build a website first. Web design and development take some time and resources. Not every business has the budget to hire local developers or a local web development company and even those that can, often choose to outsource web design and development.

Building a website can be quite expensive. You need to have a web designer, web developer and quality assurance specialist to get satisfying results. To get converting design, your web designer should be skilled in UI and UX or you can have an additional specialist with such a set of skills (UI, UX designer). Long story short, you need a whole team of skilled and experienced professionals.

Why Do Companies Choose to Outsource Work?

For decades now most technologically advanced countries tend to outsource work. Back in the day, some of the biggest US companies have built their customer support centers in countries like India. Such a solution helped to save thousands of dollars, but they have also faced quality issues. Basically, customers started to fire complaints on the quality of customer support services. No wonder because people who worked there where, let’s say, not really native speakers. Of course, it was just a beginning and many things have changed, new outsourcing locations have emerged and so on. Summing up what’s said above, this hiring model helps to reduce expenses. These days outsourcing also helps to gain access to global tech talent pool (Belarusian, Ukrainian developers, etc.).

Lower Web Development Cost

Taking into account how salaries vary depending on the location, it would be much wiser to outsource web development and get a team from, let’s say, Ukraine than using a US-based web development company. Ukrainian developers are well-known for the high quality of their work, good education and most of them have a good level of English.

Moreover, the average web developer salary in Ukraine is $25,813 per year while the same dev in the US earns $59,108 annually. The situation with web designer salary is completely the same. Basically, any IT specialist in the US would cost you approximately twice as much as a Ukrainian one.

Eliminated or Simplified Recruitment Process

Hiring tech talent is a tricky job. Not every recruiter can do it properly. Also, it takes some time to find the right candidate for the job. If you are to outsource your project, your service provider would take care of it. Usually, everything is set up, organized and there’s a team waiting for your project. You would not have to onboard each specialist separately and make sure they can work together efficiently. You would get a team that has been working on a number of projects so each member knows what to do and when to do it.

Access to the Global Tech Talent Pool

It has already been mentioned that outsourcing companies might have a ready team for your project. On the other hand, you might have unusual requirements and you could be looking for a specific specialist with a particular set of skills. Outsourcing companies are mostly located in countries where there are a great tech talent pool and relatively low salary expectations. This means you have much bigger changes to get a rare programmer for the right price with the help of an outsourcing company than if you are to look for one in your area.