Pieces Of Advice For New Football Coaches

Being a football coach is hard enough, but being new to the role is even more of a challenge. There are a few pieces of advice you’ll want to consider before jumping in. You’ll be glad you took the time to let this information soak in prior to you trying to manage a team of your own.

Accept that there will be a learning curve involved and you may not perform to the best of your ability right away. Allow your passion for the game and your players to shine through and remember why you got involved in the first place when the road gets bumpy.

Take Time to Scout & Recruit Talent

It’s important you take the time to scout and recruit top talent so you can build a solid team of players. Accomplish this goal by going to watch games, reading blogs and keeping up with the latest individual stats. Having the right people on your side in the right positions will help you to better succeed as a new football coach.

Pay Attention to Your Competition

You also want to make sure you proactively scope out your competition and understand their strategy, tactics and talents. Watch film of them playing games and study how they approach each match to help you get a better feel for how they play the game. Keep your eye on some of the best players and know how you’re going to defend them so you don’t get caught off guard when its’ time to go head to head in a game.

Have A Personal Life

You need time away from the field to collect your thoughts and reconnect with your family and loved ones. This could mean taking a vacation to someplace warm to escape for a few days, relax and review your strategy. The good news is that if you don’t have the funds readily available to you to do so you can use bad credit loans Canada guaranteed approval so you can quickly be on your way. It’s important you take care of yourself and have a clear head when it comes time to coach.

Be Patient with Your Team & Yourself

Additional advice you’ll want to reflect on as you take on being a new football coach is to remain patient with your team and yourself. They may not catch on to your style right away and it may take a while before you’re all meshing and playing well together as a group. Try not to become easily frustrated and learn from your mistakes as you go. Maintain a positive attitude and continue to cheer on and push your players and they’ll eventually start performing up to your standards.


Being a new football coach is an exciting adventure and a unique opportunity you should appreciate. Focus on the fundamentals and improving your player’s skills and eventually, you’ll start to win more games. Most importantly, have fun in your position as the leader and celebrate your small successes along the way.