Plan Your Dream Trip with the Visited App

If you love to travel, you can plan your dream trip with the Visited travel app. The popular travel map app has over 1.85 million users. It offers the perfect way to map your vacations, plan your itinerary, set travel goals, discover bucket list destinations, and get a customized printed poster of your travels. Visited offers top travel lists in different categories, stunning travel photos you can swipe through and save to create your itinerary, and a travel planning feature to help you create your dream vacation.

Map Your Travels

Once you download the Visited app, you can map out where you’ve traveled and where you’d like to go using the Map feature. Click on a country or city and mark if you have been there, or want to go there. This will generate a custom travel map so you can see where you’ve been and where you want to go next. You can personalize your travel map by customizing the colors.

Plan Your Next Getaway

Visited allows you to set travel goals and map out where you want to travel. By using travel lists, you can check off most popular destinations by different categories such as Art Museums, Chocolate Destinations, Palaces, Beaches, and Ancient Sites. Besides seeing what percentage of the world you visited by different interests, you can also add places you have yet to visit.

As you travel around the world, you can see your progress toward your goal and update your goal whenever you’d like. You’ll also see how you stack up against other travelers and what percentage of the world you’ve visited.

Another way to start planning your dream trip is to use the Inspiration section of the app. The inspiration section allows you to browse places and swipe through to bookmark the places you want to visit.

Visited also has an Itinerary feature, which helps plan your upcoming trips. By ranking countries based on your bucketlist you can take the guess work out of where to next.

Get Your Custom Travel Poster

Visited has a Poster feature where you can order a custom-printed map of your travels and where you’d like to go. The landscape map is 16 inches by 20 inches (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm). Customize your map colors and more by going to the Poster icon in the app.

Picking your next travel destination just got a lot easier with the Visited App! Download the Visited app for free for iOS or Android.