Quick Options for Getting Spare Cash for Trash

When you’re looking at your garbage, you shouldn’t think about only taking it to the bin outside. It is surprising how much money you can make by being selective about your trash. Here are some items that you can sell off instead of throwing away.

Bottles and cans

The most obvious items you can sell are bottles and cans of various drinks. Bottles come in either plastic or glass. Plastic bottles are an increasingly popular item since more companies are using them. Increased usage means recycled bottles can be worth it. Sell them off at recycling centers. Glass bottles are more difficult since only ten states in the US buy used glass bottles. If this option is unavailable, you might have to look at local breweries or companies willing to buy bottles for cash. Aluminum cans are easier sale since metal is very popular.

Scrap metal

When people think of scrap metal, they usually think it is only for large items. However, recycling centers like Langley Recycling will take any amount of metal. Damaged pots and pans are two examples of scrap metal they would buy, but it all depends on the type of metal. Scrap iron has a low price tag, while copper, titanium, and other fancier metals will get more attention and price. So look at the metal items you want to get rid of and sell them for scrap instead.

Junk mail and paper

While the world has become more digital, paper is still in use. One big consumer of paper nowadays is junk mail. If you have a pile of mail and product catalogs you have no use for, then selling them off can be useful. Combine it with the newspapers you still buy, and you can get a reasonable price. Additionally, if you have the patience for it, you can classify the junk mail you get and sell them to data-gathering companies you can find online.

Batteries and electronics

Batteries and electronics are interesting examples of trash that needs proper disposal. The acid in batteries is hazardous, and dumping them in landfills will cause environmental issues. Instead, sell them to a recycling center with a good reputation for handling batteries. Additionally, some consumer electronics have valuable metals that can be toxic if left behind. Your best option with them is to sell them to an electronics buyer who will strip the valuable metals and leave them safe.

Food scraps

Surprisingly, food scraps can be profitable. While people should get rid of their leftovers the traditional way, the scraps from food preparation can go to compost makers. This approach ensures they are useful instead of only going to a landfill.

Final thoughts

Getting some cash for your trash does not only benefit you. With less garbage going to landfills, there is less environmental damage. Additionally, with recycling, fewer natural resources need harvesting. Overall, what is good for your pocket is also good for the planet, so dedicate some time and energy to looking closer at your garbage bin.