The Benefits of Naturist Travel

Preparing for your next trip? Perhaps your well-deserved vacation is coming up and you wish to spend it by the sea. Would you like to try something new that will suppose a plus of enjoyment for those relaxing days of leisure? Well, we have something very special and simple to propose to you: say goodbye to the swimsuit and enjoy your next vacations naked, while taking full advantage of all the benefits naturist travel has to offer. Whether it’s a spending time on the beach or on a naturist cruise, one thing’s for sure. You’ll have a blast because such travel is not only fun but also very healthy. Here are the benefits of naturist travel.

1. They will increase your self-esteem and your good mood

Naturism or nudism is a healthy lifestyle option that balances your mind and can make you enjoy things much more than you can imagine. The social nude makes you perceive the naturalness in any type of body and that to see yourself equally in nudity, forget the complexes and accept yourself in a natural way. As a result, you increase your self-esteem because you are one more among all those happy people who are naked around you with their virtues and defects.

2. You will enjoy nature in harmony as part of it

People who practice nudism end up evolving into a deeper sense: naturism, which is related more to love and respect for nature. Therefore, the nudist locations and trips usually entail a calmer environment than the multitudinous textile beaches. People who congregate there have a greater sense of cleanliness, silence and respect towards nature and towards others. In addition, the recommended destinations for naturists tend to be generally more remote and less accessible.

3. Benefits Specific to Naturist Sailing Cruises

The offers of naturist sailing cruises are having a considerable increase in recent years. This type of cruise began in the early 90s. Since then there have been several high quality itineraries on naturist sailing trips, those that cross the Mediterranean, the North of Europe, the Coast of Croatia, the Aegean Sea, the Balearic Islands, etc.

One of the main benefits of naturist travel on a sailboat is that it’s easier to reach remote locations which few people know about, and are true hidden gem of natural beauty and tranquillity.

These cruises are usually made aboard a sailboat which has a capacity of 6 to 10 people. Unlike the large nudist cruises, a naturist cruise on a sailboat offers the possibility of a more intimate journey, and can be organized with a group of friends or family. Naturist sailing holidays in Greece are especially popular thanks to respectable yacht service providers such are Catamaran Emelia.

4. An indescribable sensory experience

Until you do not bathe completely naked in the sea you are not aware of the unpleasant sensation that is a wet swimsuit attached to your skin that does not dry. However this is a lesser evil. Feeling the sun caressing your body totally naked or bathing in the sea without any kind of clothes is a really indescribable feeling that makes you feel free and happy. It is perhaps the reason why so many people never wear a bathing suit again.

5. Goodbye to the unsightly sun marks

As a detail less important compared to the other benefits of naturism but with great aesthetic value, we must point out that you will love to see your body with a beautiful uniform tan. The sun will uniformly colour your skin and you will not have to adjust the swimsuit with impossible positions trying to get the sun to tan you as much as possible but without taking off your swimsuit.


6. A moment of closeness and complicity

If you practice naturism in company you will see yourself benefiting doubly. Choose to be accompanied by special people for you and you will share the sincerity of the person who undresses in body and soul. It does not matter if you practice naturism with your family, partner or friends, the feeling will be wonderful and unique with each of them. It will increase trust and complicity and everything will flow better. In children it is especially beneficial since seeing their own nakedness and family members from childhood naturally helps to avoid complexes, traumas and to have a healthier and more balanced adult life later on in the future.

These are the benefits that we wanted to show you. Naturism can be practiced in any place that allows it but we have taken the examples of beaches of cruise sailing as example because they are especially easy places to find and where a lot of people go that will make you feel protected.



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