The Best Ways to Style a Leotard

Leotards aren’t just for dance class nowadays. Leotards have earned their place in recent fashion trends, and they’re a versatile look for experimental fashionistas. Leotards are an effortless way to embody the elegance and poise of dancers.

Wearing clothes designed for dance performances might feel a bit off at first. You’re not alone! Yes, it’s skin tight and a bit challenging to take off. It might take some practice, but with an eye for style you can reap the benefits of this versatile piece. Leotards are incredibly flattering on all different body shapes, and it can help create an effect of more expensive shapewear. If you’re ready to give it a go, here are some of the best way to style a leotard!

Wear with Shorts

There’s no reason why you cannot wear a leotard year round! With a number of summer friendly fashions like lace-trimmed leotards, there are an endless number of possibilities. Pairing your favorite leotard with some shorts is any easy way to transform this look for the summer months!

Go Flowy to Channel Your Inner Ballerina

If you’ve always idolized the elegance of ballerinas but never had the balance or the strength needed to dance, you can always make your own ballerina fashion look. A flowy skirt pairs excellently with a solid leotard. Be sure to wear a feminine shoe to complete this ethereal look, and you’re instagram ready!

Image via Unsplash

Keep it Simple

Sometimes less really is more. If you still aren’t in touch with your inner ballerina, consider how your leotard can be another fashion staple for your wardrobe. Like any other shirt, you can pair your leotard with pants, skirts, and shorts to find a look that suits your needs. These ballet leotards | black leotards – Just for Kix offers, make great outfit basics to keep in your closet year round!

Under a Blazer

There’s no reason not to rock your leotard in the workplace! Paired with slacks or a skirt and a blazer, leotards are the perfect work outfit. Leotards are naturally form fitting and can flatter any body type, leaving you looking effortlessly put together just in time for your morning meeting. Because leotards are so versatile, you’ll be able to wear them again and again in different ways for different events!

Dress it Up

The best part about leotards is that they can easily be dressed up for any occasion. Wear heels and a full bodied skirt to feel like a fairy princess, or keep it fun with a silky, shorter skirt that shows off your waistline. Have fun with the material of your leotard, and consider trying something different like velvet or lace.

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Wear it On Its Own

Leotards are a wardrobe staple at this point. They make the perfect basic piece to pair with more exciting patterns and prints, but they also look great on their own. If you’re willing to try something a little more wild, opt for the leotard all on its own. It’s sure to be an unforgettable look! It can be styled just the same as any other top, just have fun with it!

For those who are even more daring, consider a unique print for your leotard. Recently, there have been a lot of celebrities wearing fun and flirty leotards with unique patterns! Some even have words on them!

Wearing a Leotard

Leotards are back in fashion this season, and it’s been a long time since high fashion was this comfortable! Whether you prefer to dress your leotard up or down, there is a look for every style and budget. See how many different ways you can rock your leotard!