The Coolest Georgia Slangs You Need To Know

Planning a trip to the state of Georgia and you would like to acquaint yourself with it and its local culture in advance then learning the slang that originates from Georgia is a great way to begin. Below you’ll find the coolest Georgia slangs to prepare you for your trip. With them you’ll be able to speak like a local while exploring incredible places such as Atlanta.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA Piedmont Park skyline in autumn

When saying Brick in Georgia, people refer to a long measure of time, such as saying “it’s been a brick since we last met.”

One monkey don’t stop no show

Georgia State Capitol

This is used when something needs to be done or finished and can’t be stopped no matter what. Essentially, it’s when you want to say one small hindrance should not stop the whole process. There are always setbacks but the show must go on.


Savannah Georgia Fountain

Commonly used in the rap scene of Georgia, it stands for acting in a illegal way to increase one’s personal monetary winnings. It was used by world famous rappers in that sense and has stuck.

Get to gettin

Cloudland Canyon, Georgia, USA

It’s another way to tell someone to leave. It’s not very polite so don’t use it on anyone you’re not familiar with. It stands for get going.

Buckhead Betty

Savannah, Georgia, USA

Buckhead means the suburb zone of Atlanta that is quite wealthy, and the expression typically means soccer mom from this neighborhood.

B Wick

Amicalola Falls, Georgia, USA

It’s another way to say Brunswick, which is a popular part of Georgia for nightlife and partying.

No cap

Providence Canyon in Southwest Georgia, USA.

This one is becoming increasing popular in recent years, extending further than just Georgia popularity. It is used to put emphasis on the fact that what you said or are about to say is true, or important. For example “No cap! I saw them fighting at the library!”