The Coolest Northeastern US Slangs You Need To Know

Getting ready for your next trip to the Northeastern United States but are concerned you might not be well prepared yet? Then why not give the popular Northeastern slang words and expressions a shot? This will make you more accustomed to the quirks of the English in your destination and will help you fit in more easily. Without further delay let’s take a look at the coolest Northeastern US slangs!




Jimmies is another word for ice cream sprinkles that are so popular in the Northeast and the king of toppings.


Bubbler is another expression for  the commonly found drinking fountains where you can stop and take a sip during a hot day.

Bang a ‘uey!

Autumn road in Maine


This slang is most common among drivers. It means “turn quickly!” or take the next turn. If you’re driving and you almost miss a turn you’ll hear this without a doubt.

Mud Season

Mud Season refers to the seasonal period between winter and spring when it rains a lot and the roads are muddy.

Down cellar

Is commonly used in Northeastern US slang to refer to the basement which most families use as storage.


Cute pretty sensual woman with trendy pink hairs

Not to be confused with the famous Greek coffee, Frappe in Northeastern US slang refers to a milkshake with ice cream, a staple within US diners.


Carriage in its slang meaning refers to putting groceries away into bag after shopping, packing them into a carriage.



Packies is another way to call quick-stop liquor stores. Basically small convenience stores focused on drinks.


This one is quite simple. It’s the pronounced way of saying Yes in Maine and some other Northeastern states. So while in Maine besides nodding you can say ayuh!


Vermont trees

Johnnie in Northeastern US slang refers to gown patients wear while at the hospital. We hope you’ll never need this slang example but if you do, you’ll be wearing a johnnie.