The Coolest Texas Slangs You Need To Know

Texas is one of the largest states in the United States of America. It has a surface area of 695,662 km² and borders Oklahoma to the north, Louisiana to the east, New Mexico to the west and Mexico to the south. Its capital is Austin. It is one of the most visited states by Mexicans and is also considered by many to establish a residence.

It is also the home of many slang terms that are nowadays used all over the world. Let’s take a look at the coolest Texas slangs you need to know!

Might Could


While usually slang is used to make saying simplified or so that we can say the same thing but in a way that it rolls off the tongue more easily, in some cases it’s also used to put emphasis on certain words. Might could is a great example of that. It means the same as “could” but the slang terms goes the extra mile to put emphasis on that and draw it out.


Portrait of a tall bearded male with a muscular body.

Corn-fed is a slang in Texas that has zero connections to actual corn. It’s actually a term that refers to a person who’s big in size. Basically if you’re a tall well built person then someone in Texas could call you corn-fed, don’t take it negatively. They’re not insinuating you eat a lot of corn!

All Hat, No Cattle

Portrait of the Cowboy

This slang is similar to saying all bark but no bite or all talk but not action. Basically it’s someone who acts in a provocative way or likes to show off, but doesn’t do anything when it counts. It’s also another way to call someone arrogant.

Come Hell Or High Water

El Paso, Texas, USA Downtown Skyline

The slang refers to disasters such as hell fire or a flood/tsunami and what it means when someone says that to you is that they would do anything for you, that they would stand by your side no matter what happens or comes. It’s a sign of how loyal Texans can be.

Bless Your Heart

Beautiful old lady

This is something very sweet to say to someone, usually meaning you are calling them lovely or innocent. It can at times  also mean someone is calling you naive in a nice or sarcastic way, especially if you are being idealistic at the time.

Dad Gum It

Angry football fans disappointed with favorite team

This is the innocent way of swearing in Texas, commonly used by kids who are not allowed to swear. It usually stands for  Goddamnit, or darn! The actually meaning is irrelevant to the words that compose this slang and they are seemingly random. Actually they sound the similar to the swear if you read them fast.

Pitch A Hissy Fit


It’s the Texan way of saying to throw a tantrum or get upset over something and overreact. To pitch means to throw, and hiss is the sound snakes make when they’re being aggressive.


Texas Style Car Ride

It’s the Texas version of saying you all, or you guys, is almost always in plural and is a very southern slang.

Fixin’ To


This slang means you’re about to do something. For example “I’m fixin’ to make dinner.” Just make sure you omit the G at the end of Fixin’. It’s the true Texan way to spell it.

All Git-Out

Houston, Texas, USA

This expression is used to say in an exclamative way how good something is, whether it is a car or a meal. It’s a way outgoing way of expressing how much you like something.