The Coolest Virginia Slangs You Need To Know

Virginia is a southeastern USA state, not to be confused with West Virginia. The folks at Virginia over the years have developed their own special words or expressions, specific to them or their culture. If you’re planning a trip to Virginia it might be a good idea to learn some of these slangs to prepare yourself. If you want to get to know Virginia well start with these expressions. Here are the coolest Virginia slangs you need to know!


Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

In Virginia when someone says “You bet!” they don’t mean they’re about to enter into a gamble. It means “You’ve got a deal” as in agreeing to a plan or an offer. For example someone asks you “Are you going to the movies tomorrow?” and you reply “You bet!”


Downtown Alexandria Virginia Buildings Reflected in the Potomac

Stamp as a verb in Virginia means the same as “I promise” or “I swear”. For example when making plans one can say to their pals “I’ll be there at 6, I stamp!” as in giving his stamp as a way of signing an agreement that is unbreakable.


Skyland Drive Blue Ridge Shenandoah NP Virginia US

Geeker refers to someone or something that is hilarious or funny. You can call a friend a geeker and it’s a positive thing, unlike the traditional meaning of the word geek which can be interpreted both ways.


Richmond, Virginia,USA

This slang comes from the inherent characteristic of slugs being slow. For example if a person is being a slug, it means they are lazy or are holding others back. You could tell someone “Stop slugging it!” if you want to tell them to hurry up!


Lynchburg, Virginia Monuments

Less of a slang and more of an abbreviation, these initial have made it in the list because they are only used in Virginia. When someone in USA says DMV they mean the place one goes to receive their driver’s license. However, when someone says it in Virginia they mean the initials of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia put together.


Virginia State Capitol

Ugly in Virginian slang still retains a negative connotation but it’s different. It’s not about the way a person look but the way they act or something they do. If you say “That’s ugly.” when referring to an action it means that action was not nice, or inappropriate.



NOVA is another abbreviation to refer to the Northern Virginia. It’s not really a slang but its used as one as it’s the most common way of referring to this region of the state without spelling it out.