The Importance Of Knowing Your City’s Drug Abuse Statistics

It is important to know what goes on in your backyard, especially when it comes to keeping yourself safe. Every city has some level of antisocial activity, but the question lies in just how much.

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to keep yourself as educated as possible as to the rates of drug use around where you live. If you have a better understanding of what drugs are being used, how frequently, and just how much you, can get a much better idea of the necessary precautions when you’re going about your daily business. A quick search can end up saving you from being in a really dicey situation. Not sure what I’m getting at? Let me explain:

You’ll know where to avoid

Drug use tends to centralize around certain areas of town. Typically, these areas are marked by the presence of low-income housing, an overabundance of drug dealers, and an ambivalent police presence. At the same time, these parts of town can very easily be bordered by very well-to-do neighborhoods full of expensive houses or boutique shops. When these parts of town border very appealing areas, you might accidentally wander into a bad neighborhood if you didn’t know any better. Therefore, it is your responsibility to look up where drug use is concentrated in your local area so you can better avoid the fallout caused by the issues surrounding chronic drug problems.

Increased awareness of hazards

Sometimes avoiding the side effects of a city’s drug problem is unavoidable, but if you’re armed with enough information to be prepared there’s a much lower chance of those side effects changing your life significantly. For instance, if your town has a particularly high incidence of intravenous drug use, you will know to wear shoes that will protect your feet while walking around downtown in case you come across a discarded needle. Knowing which drugs are being consumed will allow you to prepare for problems specific to that drug. Certain drugs are much more known to cause manic or erratic behavior, so it’s important to know exactly what you are up against should the unfortunate realities of drug abuse rear their ugly heads.

Help be a part of the solution

Jurisdictions around North America are realizing that taking a proactive stance in helping drug users enter the medical care system as opposed to marginalizing them has an overall effect of reducing drug usage in a city. Instead of arresting and poor treatment, addicts are now being funneled into treatment programs to help deal with their issues. For instance, Seattle is in the grips of the Opioid crisis, being aware of rehab opportunities that offer individuals the chance to detox here as opposed to keeping them out of treatment is extremely helpful. This has in part helped erode some of the stigma around drug use and made people more sympathetic to those in need. With the Fentanyl crisis gripping America, knowing what to do if you find someone who has overdosed on the street can save a life. Learn what issues are commonly found in your city because of drugs, then if you’re so inclined you’ll be much better prepared to help out.

Drug use is ubiquitous in today’s society, it’s very difficult to not have a drug culture creep in somehow. This is regardless of whether it be through a petty crime that’s symptomatic of drug-seeking behavior, or graffiti and a general lack of regard for the area in which people live due to a preoccupation with drugs. Being informed is the proper way to prepare for what lay ahead of you in the city you live in. As cliche as it is to say, you’re better safe than sorry.