The Most Beautiful Types of Flowers You Can Give To Your Special Someone   

Giving flowers to someone close to your heart is one of the most effective means to let them know that you think of them and you care. For some people, expressing their love, gratitude, apology, or sorrow is easier by giving flowers to the person they care for because sometimes, there are no appropriate words. This article lists down some of the most beautiful types of flowers that you can give to your special someone or those who are dear to you through a good flower delivery service.



Tulips come in a variety of colors but if you want to express your love, make sure to go for the red ones. On the other hand, give a white tulip if you want to say sorry. The seasoned florists behind suggest that you give your special someone a bouquet of tulips in celebration of her birthday or when you are commemorating your anniversary. Being a bulb plant, they signify the arrival of spring, which is why tulips are also a perfect gift when you are still early in your relationship.


Lilac is one of the most beautiful types of flowers that you can give if you have just started a new relationship because they represent the first pangs of love. An expert florist Toronto locals suggest that you go for lilac with a bolder magenta color to symbolize a stronger or more passionate type of love. Nonetheless, a bouquet of lilac is just as perfect if you want to give your special someone flowers for no significant reason at all. You will surely put a smile on her face by giving her a bouquet of lilac.


Peonies are fluffy blooms that are usually associated with romance. However, peonies also signify bashfulness, as well as prosperity. You will most likely find peonies as one of your options from a flower delivery Toronto local. They are the perfect gift particularly if your special someone has just started up a new business venture. You will truly warm her heart with a bouquet of peonies.


Roses come in different colors, but the red ones are the most sought after particularly during Valentine’s day. For this reason, growers even hold back their bushes for months to ensure that their flowers bloom in time for the festive lover’s season. Nonetheless, the best florists in town will surely have roses in their flower delivery lineup even if it is not Valentine’s day because these flowers are blooms that are also known to have a long lifespan. Because of this, roses tend to be more expensive too but rest assured that their beauty is worth every penny that you have to pay.


Carnation is one of the most beautiful flowers that signify love and affection. The seasoned florist Toronto locals recommend giving lighter shades of carnation to express your admiration to someone that you are interested in. On the other hand, you should go for a darker hue of these blooms if you intend to express a deeper sentiment of love.


To celebrate a mysterious but one-of-a-kind love, make sure to give your special someone a bouquet of orchids. With the services of the flower delivery Toronto locals, you are guaranteed that the orchids you ordered will reach your intended recipient on time. Apart from signifying love, orchids also represent luxury, which is why it is one of the most special types of blooms that you can give your significant other.

Stargazer Lily

If you want to brighten up the day of your special someone, then give her a bouquet with stargazer lilies in them. Most reputable floral shops with flower delivery services include stargazer lilies in their selection because this is one of the most beautiful flowers that can complete the full visual aesthetic of a bouquet. This is also the perfect gift for a person with an amazing and sparkling personality.


For a special someone who is usually cheerful, a bouquet of daisies is the perfect complement to her personality. You go for daisies, as suggested by the experienced florist Toronto locals if you are nurturing a budding relationship because apart from affection, daisies also represent innocence. Make sure to write a note to accompany your gift to make it more personal.

Matthiola Incana

Matthiola Incana is a type of flower that has a spicy cinnamon and clove scent. They never fail to surprise the person who receives them because of their beauty. You can look for a flower delivery Toronto service if you want to have this type of bloom delivered to your special someone on time. When they receive it, make sure to tell them that it signifies beauty that doesn’t fade with age, and for sure, it will become their favorite flower.


If your significant other is also your best friend, give her a bouquet of alstroemeria which is a flower that also represents friendship and a strong bond. It is also one of the most beautiful flowers that signify prosperity and loyalty. When you leverage the flower delivery services of a reputable florist, for sure, the alstroemeria bouquet you ordered will remain fresh even after days that it has been delivered.


Cheering up your significant other won’t be difficult if you give her a bouquet of sunflowers. Apart from signifying your love and affection, a sunflower also represents loyalty and longevity. It can easily remind a person of warm sunny days that you have spent together, which can instantly lift her mood.

The types of flowers listed above are only some of the most stunning blooms that you can give to another person to express your feelings or to show that you care. There are still other types of flowers that you can explore, such as camellia and blue iris, and all of these prove to be just as wonderful. The key is in taking the time to get to know the preferences of your recipient for them to truly appreciate the beauty of the flowers that you give.