The Most Common Bad Puppy Habits And How To Change Them

There are many different things you can do to get your pup on the right track and stop bad behavior such as chewing up all your belongings, eating everything in sight, and jumping on people. Follow these tips to help train your pup and keep him healthy and happy!

1. Snacking on Everything In Sight

Puppies will eat anything! Never leave food out while going out for the day or leave your puppy alone at home, no matter how much he begs. You don’t want him eating something that might make him sick. Be careful with what you put in compost bins too – some items should never go in there, such as bones from chicken wings or hot dogs! Your pup may have been born hungry though, so you might need to feed him more during training sessions, especially if he’s very young.

2. Chewing, Nipping, and Biting

Many pups love to chew! Your pup might have some teething pains, so try giving him a frozen washcloth or toy filled with peanut butter. Give your puppy lots of tasty treats when he’s chewing on his toys instead of your things – you will soon see the difference. Make sure you are putting away things like shoes, clothes, and remotes so your pup can’t get to them. If your pup is a serious chewer you could try giving him a bully chew or chew ring. 

Puppies often nip each other playfully during playtime, but it’s not OK when they do that to people! If you have a pup who nips then use your “no” command right away so he knows it is bad behavior. Make sure everyone at home does the same thing though – don’t just tell the dog off and let your family members still do it!   

3. Getting Into The Wrong Places

Pick up clothes, shoes, remotes, and books before your pup comes into the room. If you catch him chewing on something he shouldn’t be, then give a firm “no” and take it away! Be sure to give him lots of praise when he chews on his toys or obeys your commands. When you are not at home make sure you are putting him in his crate so he is safe without being able to get into trouble.

4. Peeing And Pooping Everywhere

Train your pup where you want him to go – outside is best if it’s warm enough – by taking him there every time after snack times, naps, playtime, etc. Give him lots of praise when he does his business in the right place, and let him know he did something good by giving him a treat. Never try to punish your pup for peeing or pooping inside though – this will just confuse him.

5. Jumping On People

Never allow your puppy to jump up on people because it’s not polite! If your puppy jumps, tell him “off” so he knows not to do it anymore. Praise your pup for sitting calmly before you greet him with scratches and pets. When greeting guests, make sure that they also don’t want to be jumped on; if they do then take your dog away from them right away. Over time the jumping habit should go away if you keep doing what’s in this article.

6. Not Coming When Called

Always use your pup’s name before you say anything else when he is doing something wrong, such as jumping up on people, and then give a firm “no” so he knows what he did was bad. Make sure to praise him when he comes to you instead of giving him a treat. Never call your pup if you are going to scold him for coming though – this will just teach him not to come at all! Be patient with your pet and soon enough the right things should become instinctual habits. Also, it might be time to get your pup his room if he’s waking you up all night long! 

If you can’t do this for some reason, try giving him a tasty nighttime snack like peanut butter or chopped-up hot dog pieces. You could even take him out for one last pee before bedtime if he has to go – make sure it’s not too late though, as it can stress them out and tire them out even more! Don’t let your pet bark at any visitors either – tell them “no” firmly or take the dog away from them if they won’t listen.

If you follow the advice in this article then your puppy should be on his way to being well-behaved! Keep practicing training techniques daily until the new behaviors become regular habits. The most important thing is to be patient and show your pup lots of love so he is happy!