The Most Expensive Dog Kibble in the World

The best kibble are expensive, but they provide benefits to your puppy such as greater digestibility and firmer stools. The dog is man’s best friend? It seems so, because these animals are the most common pets of humans. Dogs have become people’s favorites and have become quintessential domestic animals. If you have one and want to know how to take care of it, today we will tell you which are and how much the best kibble cost.

The best kibble for dogs in the world

Expensive Dog Kibble

According to the BBC, there are one billion domesticated dogs in the world and the number continues to increase continuously. Although the total number of these animals, domesticated or without an owner, is unknown, the reality is that it is a species that will increase its population as the human grows. This could represent a problem, since mounds are considered predators of endangered species and disturb the ecosystem. Dogs transmit diseases to wild animals, for example. However, aren’t they lovable? If you entered this post it is because one of these mammals conquered your heart and now you are looking to take care of it.

How to choose the best kibble for your dog?

At the time of feeding, you must make sure to give it optimal food. For example, there are four types of dog food: dry, wet, raw, and homemade. The first are kibbles, the second are cans or soft foods such as paste, used mostly when your pet gets sick to his stomach or after an operation, but this diet should not be abused constantly due to the accumulation of tartar on his teeth. Raw food also has some cons, because by feeding with ingredients that do not go through fire, the dog could contract bacteria such as salmonella, among others. The following foods give your dog several benefits that other kibbles do not. Why feed them fancy food? Make an effort and give them proteins and ingredients that nourish them well!

Instinct Original

Instinct Original

Ingredients: chicken, duck, turkey, peas, lamb.

Price: 11 dollars/kilo

Taste of the wild

Taste of the wild

Ingredients: meat, lamb, peas, salmon.

Price: 9 dollars/kilo

Merrick lil plates

Merrick lil plates

Ingredients: turkey, duck, salmon, peas.

Price: 8 dollars/kilo

The first three on this list are characterized by belonging to a new group classified as ‘holistic’. They are believed to be the food of the future and their price is due to the fact that they use organic and totally natural food. For example, they use chicken instead of chicken meal.