The Most Expensive Rubik’s Cubes in the World

The most expensive Rubik’s cubes in the world are prices in the thousands. The most valuable cube is made of diamonds. Rubik’s cubes are more than just a toy or hobby. Lovers of these objects can spend thousands of dollars on a single piece. Here we tell you which are the most expensive in the world. Although the most popular shape of these puzzles is cube, there are currently all shapes, designs, and colors. The first cube was created in 1974 by the Hungarian architect Erno Rubik. If you’ve never been able to fix one, don’t worry. It took him about a month to figure out his own invention. According to specialized media, the sculptor became so desperate that he came to question whether his three-dimensional puzzle had a solution. Also, the most curious thing about it is that the Rubik’s cube was created as a mathematical problem. In other words, his invention was mere chance. Currently, only 5.8 percent of the people who have tried to complete the puzzle have succeeded. However, thanks to platforms such as YouTube you can find various techniques and tutorials to solve it. Remember that when it comes to Rubik’s cubes, asking for a little help is not cheating.

Rubik’s Cube – The most popular and best-selling toy

Rubik’s cubes are very popular; They are even among the best-selling toys in the world. So it is not a surprise that some expensive models have been released for the most demanding gamers. A curious fact about these puzzles is that around 350 million units have been sold globally. As interesting and fashionable as new video games are, none of them are close to reaching that number. In addition, not even free titles like Fornite have a number of users similar to that of Rubik’s cube players. What is the popularity of these puzzles? The complexity of these pieces makes them addictive. According to statistical calculations, there are more than 43 trillion different permutations of a Rubik’s cube. Experts can solve one in 20 moves or less. In 2017, South Korean SeungBeom Cho proved that this puzzle can be solved in just five seconds. Thanks to his feat, he set a new Guinness Record that is hard to beat. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the most expensive Rubik’s cubes in the world.

5. Petamoid


Nathan Wilson designed this model from a pentamix and it is one of the most complex Rubik’s cubes. This has to be completely undone before putting it together. The price is $375.

4. Mirror 7x7x7

Mirror 7x7x7

Puzzle designer JGOM from Mexico was in charge of this expensive modification of the Rubik’s cube. Best of all, this alternating pattern is handcrafted. One of the faces of this object is slightly curved, which makes solving it a real challenge. Marketed by MarquezShop in Xalapa, Veracruz, the price of this puzzle is $400.

3. Shengshou 17 × 17

Shengshou 17 × 17

This firm launched the 17 × 17 Rubik’s cube, the largest mass-produced cube in the world. In addition, its manageable and ergonomic design makes it an exquisite piece. With a clean twist, the hardest part is getting all your layers right to make flawless links. If you are passionate about large Rubik’s cubes, this product cannot be missing from your collection.

2. Pfenning 33x33x33

Pfenning 33x33x33

Frenchman Grégoire Pfenning designed this model with 6,534 squares in each of the six colors. In number, it involves the use of 1,661 Rubik’s cubes! The elaboration of each face was unusual. In addition to squares, Pfenning also leaned on side rectangles to facilitate the turning mechanism. This Rubik’s cube holds the record for being the largest and with the highest number of lines in the world. If you are interested in purchasing this model, you can get it for 15,200 euros. In addition, you must wait three months to receive it.

1. Rubik’s Cube from Diamond Cutters International

Rubik's Cube from Diamond Cutters International

In 2012, the firm announced the creation of this item made with eighteen karat gold. It also has 185 carats of precious stones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts and white diamonds. This Rubik’s cube holds the Guinness Record as the ‘most expensive toy in the world’ with a price tag of $2.5 million. Best of all, it is 100 percent functional.