The Perfect Match: Three Top Tips for Choosing Eyewear that Complements Every Outfit

We know it sounds a little shallow, but sometimes we despair over coordinating our eyewear with our outfit. We look in the mirror come morning, admire our fabulous fashion choices… then have to put our glasses back on and ruin it all.

Now we’re not saying that the invention of glasses was the greatest evil on Earth – we really appreciate that they let us see anything beyond our own two feet – but they do have a habit of bringing our clothing choices down.

Or they would, if we didn’t know a few handy tips and tricks to stop that from happening. Want us to let you in on a little secret or two? Then read on.

Focus on accessories 

Eyewear itself is not the hardest thing to accessorize. In fact, a plain pair of glasses will go with most everyday ensembles. It’s the added extras that can cause problems. To create that look of togetherness, try coordinating them with the jewelry, hair accessories and scarves you wear, as these are probably where any pops of colour are coming from.

The easiest way to do this is by looking at what’s actually in your wardrobe before you buy your frames. Although colour pop options can work well, metallic frames tend to be the most versatile. We suggest getting two pairs – one in gold and one in silver – so you can always match them with the rest of your accessories. On the days where this doesn’t work, thank your lucky stars you can buy contact lenses online, often with no RX required.

Be careful of dark neutrals 

We’re not saying brown, black and navy rims don’t have their place in any glasses wearer’s wardrobe, but despite the fact they easily pair up with most outfits, relying on them as your only option is not a good move. In fact, simple and straightforward is no excuse for lazy and if you really want to make your eyewear work for you, you need a couple of different options. One of these should ideally be something lighter and a little more out there – gray, beige or even powder blue. These will be invaluable during the warmer months when your wardrobe of pretty pastels needs a little more delicacy to elevate it to its full potential.

Choose frames for every occasion 

Contact lenses aren’t always for everyone, the shape of your eye isn’t always compatible and there are some who are simply not comfortable with wearing something inside their eyes. For those people, contacts, no prescription or otherwise, are just not an option. The alternative is a rather obvious one: if you can’t ditch the glasses from time to time, you need some frames that suit every occasion.

The answer to your conundrum is tortoiseshell, preferably with no visible metal parts to complicate things. Going well with almost every colour in existence, these frames won’t be the most exciting pair of glasses you’ve ever owned, but they should have a talent for fading into the background – which is exactly what you want. Allowing your outfit to do all of the talking, they’ll elevate and enhance without ever overwhelming.

If, however, you are comfortable with wearing lenses underneath your frames, luckily these are easily available online and comfortable to wear for long periods of time too.

Tell us, isn’t it time you did some glasses shopping?