The Top 10 Most Beautiful Infinity Pools In The World

Do you know which are the most amazing infinity pools in the world? Join us to find out. Today we explore the whole world for the best resorts with the most incredible infinity pools to offer.

What are infinity pools? They are pools who appear as if they don’t end, thus infinite, as if their edge merges into the background and surrounding scenery. Many times it’s hard to tell where the pool ends and where the sea or sky begins. These luxurious pools are part of the most expensive hotels and resorts in the worldWhat makes one a great infinity pool? More than one factors contribute and usually it’s not enough for the pool to be big, clean and designed beautifully. Many times the view, the surrounding landscape, the location and the height play an important role that defines how gorgeous an infinity pool is. Let us know which one you’d like to float in the most, fellow lazy penguins?

10. Bill & Cool Suites & Lounge, Mykonos

Bill & Cool Suites & Lounge, Mykonos
Bill & Cool Suites & Lounge, Mykonos

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