The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Watches

To some, it is about status. For others, it is the search for ultimate quality. No matter what your reasons may be, finding the right luxury watch should be a pleasure – not a task. That is why you need to find a site that offers a large variety, but that also guarantees you the quality. It is the reason why many customers choose Chrono24 watches, when they shop for an authentic luxury watch online. What are they looking for? Here are a few elements of response.


What does Your Watch say about Your Status?

If you are the kind of person that is meticulous about the way you dress, if you start combing your hair the minute it starts being messy, and if you like to keep your clothes neatly folded or easily reachable inside your walk-in closet, then you will definitely understand the importance of having the right watch on your wrist. Status is not only in how others view you. In fact, it stems from who you are, not the reverse. You are the one making the choice of wearing a Rolex, an Omega or a Longines chosen from a great deal of watches at Chrono24. Why you buy them, is certainly part of the explanation of the status that it brings you. In truth, only people with the same status as you can understand the real meaning of the timepiece on your wrist. And so, to a large degree, it only makes you “one of the boys.” Which is a status statement in itself.

Which Brand of Watches guarantee Authenticity?

There are two ways to look into this question. The first is to search for brands that can offer a guarantee of authenticity. There are ways to control if a watch was really produced by the brand it pretends to be from. Most often, there is a registration number that you can verify with the brand itself, and often online as well. But the best way to be sure that you won’t be fooled, is to buy on a site that has proven its trust with its customers, such as Chrono24 watches.

The second way to envision this question, is to ask which watch can guarantee the authenticity of the person wearing it. The answer is again two-fold. The first is in regard to the wealth of the person. A professional that can buy a watch at a very high price, like certain models of brands are sold at, needs to be somewhat wealthy. But most importantly, a person should buy the right watch for themselves. This is the best way to guarantee our own authenticity.

Which Watch Brand lasts the Longest?

Makers of luxury watches create their timepieces to last through time. It is also why watch lovers take their time to find their perfect fit. When you invest in a Breitling or a Patek Philippe, you expect the watch to still be there when you are older, so you can pass it on to your grandson. But the real secret is in how you will treat the watch. If you respect it, clean it, and keep it in its original box, whenever you don’t wear it, there are no reasons why a luxury watch should not last at least throughout your own lifetime.