Tips for Making Trip Unforgettable

As soon as you start planning your vacation, you immediately have a desire to postpone all business, throw out everyday boring clothes, pack your suitcase with swimsuits, slates, sunglasses and light sundresses. Follow these few simple rules which we’ve got from experts for getting a pleasant experience of your rest.

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Novelty and originality

This is what you need for a good rest. Something new always attracts attention. Complete diversion of attention from daily lives – is the most effective rest. So choose something new for your vacation. Even if there is no possibility to go to a resort or visit another city. Visit friends if you haven’t seen them a hundred years, go to the museum or to the cinema. The main thing is to completely forget about the matters from which you are tired.

You can get a huge number of emotions if you go far from civilization, and not just in some backwoods, but on a real safari. Such kind of wildlife will forever remain in your memory.


No matter how tasty food at your hotel is, try the national dishes in restaurants. Most likely you will remain satisfied because basically the secrets of cooking are not disclosed to anyone, but are passed on from generation to generation. It is worth trying out exotic food. If you are on vacation with your second half, it will be romantic enough to arrange a candlelight dinner on the deck of a beautiful yacht.

Underwater hunting

Another amazing type of recreation is underwater hunting. But it is not easy to find this kind of rest because it can be found only where nature is preserved in its original form, and this is a rarity nowadays.

Rest no more than 3 weeks

A lot of people say that they need to rest at least 3 weeks. However, the scientists found that even if you go to a completely new place, the addictive effect comes after 10 days (or even faster) and the novelty is lost. In this case, it is better to plan vacation including trips to other places (there are many of such offers in today’s resorts).

Dedicate time to extreme

Fans of extreme sports can skydive or have a hot-air balloon flight. A safer option is to roll around on the scooter. There is adrenaline in blood under the influence of acute sensations. Extra-long splashes of this hormone increase life expectancy and immunity. And one more way to have fun is to rent a surf in order to ride the waves.

Arrange a photo session

Summer is the right time for bright colors and for a photo shoots. Left photographs near the sculptures for later because it is better to take a photo in the grass or near a pond.

This rest will not only give new impressions but also help get rid of the complexes. Different photo shoots on nature will allow a person to be liberated.

Explore the city

You can look at the city from the other side in summer. Perhaps, everyone knows about the sights of the metropolis in which they live. However, there are not only museums, theaters, and shopping centers in any city. Even the most learned street can conceal secrets.

There are movements participants in every town who visit unusual city places. If you join the appropriate group in a social network, you will be able to find out about an entertaining vacation. It is not only entertaining to walk through unknown streets but also useful. A person, who has looked at the city from the other side, will learn to think in an extraordinary way.

Spa tours

Now many countries can offer one more kind of rest – it is a SPA-tour. In such a rest you can relax with a benefit for your health, and to maintain your health means to prolong your happy life. The main thing is not to make a mistake in your choice of a certain procedure because it may be prohibited for your health.