Tips on What Shoes to Wear in a Job Interview

Your professional look is important from head to toe, so learn what shoes to wear in a job interview. Here are some tips on how to choose the best shoe options to get a job or promotion. Comfort, elegance and cleanliness are key to achieving this.

When looking for a job, the details count and aspects such as the way of dressing, position and type of shoes become important. When you look for a formal or semiformal dress to attend an interview do not forget to check if your shoes are in good condition, clean and without breaks. Improper footwear can separate you from the work of your dreams if you are not careful. The recruiter will see revealing aspects of you in your dress. If you notice that you are wearing dirty shoes, they will think that you are disorganized and carefree. Meanwhile if you wear sneakers you project immaturity and many companies still do not accept these dress codes.

There are certain rules that you must follow to choose a suitable footwear to look for a job. Here we propose them:

Forget about shoes with glitter – Unless you are looking for a job in a fashion studio, avoid shoes with bright or extravagant details.
Clean and shiny – Check that your shoes are in good condition, that they do not show breakage, dirt and much less bad smell.
Beware of pointy heels -It is advisable to avoid them, especially if you have not mastered them yet.
No to slippers – They project informality and improvisation, they do not leave a good impression in any professional context.
No shoes with prints – Book striking footwear for another occasion.
No to shoes of another size – If you borrow shoes from a friend or your sister, make sure they at least are your size and not uncomfortable.

Before going to the job interview, look for information about the company and its dress code. This way you will be able to orientate yourself better on the options of clothes and footwear increasing your chances of obtaining the job.

Criteria to choose what shoes to wear in a job interview

There are different types of shoes that are ideal to carry professional interviews. Everything will depend on the impression you want to leave on the recruiters. We have a series of selection criteria in footwear for men and women to take elegant, comfortable and formal options. Shoes such as those of Paul Evans are perfect for this. They absolutely nail the elegant formal look and their design and quality would impress anyone!

The color of the footwear

The base color of the footwear must be neutral, nothing flashy and sober. Do not rush to project your outgoing personality through this garment. In this kind of situation it’s better to go for it: use brown, black and even navy blue shoes (in certain situations). As a recommendation, avoid white, red, yellow, green and other extravagant colors. If you want to use light shades better aim at beige or light browns. Do not look for patterned designs. There are other days to be the kings of fashion, in your interview formality is crucial.

Footwear design for men and women

For both genders the choice of design is simple since it is based on following certain rules such as the ones mentioned above. The first is that in all cases they are closed shoes. This is due to comfort and formality factors. In women boots, dark Mary Jane models and simple kitten shoes work perfectly. If you have problems walking with heels we recommend that you wear moccasins or dark colored ballerinas, well cleaned and maintained, always with socks or pantyhose. For men choosing dress shoes like Oxford (with laces or straps), Clarks type or Derby models is ideal. Another style that fits the professional male look are the Chelsea boots, but you have to judge on your own if they are the right ones according to the type of company.

Footwear materials

In terms of materials these must be medium-high quality to project interest and professionalism. You can use leather material such as shiny leather, suede, gaucho and nubuck. You can also use the patent leather. But remember never to opt for canvas or synthetic shoes, they get wet and ruin more easily. The important thing is that you feel comfortable but also that you project formality and quality.

To recognize a good shoe we recommend checking it by following these tips:

  • Evaluate the sole, heel and seams.
  • Check the type of sole and its resistance, these can be PCV, polyurethane, leather, rubber and more. In the case of the heel you will have to write down if it is rubber, synthetic or wood.
  • Take the shoes and check that the seams are strong, that you do not notice that they are about to break.
  • Also evaluate the internal lining that the footwear possesses, if it is of quality and breathable.
  • Try the shoes to know if they adapt well to your foot and give you comfort. The anatomical part is essential to determine the quality of the footwear.


Diagnosis of the situation

To choose which shoes to wear in a job interview it is important that you make an assessment of the situation. Take into account the area in which you are looking for work, the position you request, the profile of the company, the dress code and so on. On the internet it is easy to locate this information. If you do not find it, go to the company one day and see how people dress. There are sectors that are more open to casual looks than others. But in general to leave a good first impression it never hurts to be presented and give more than what they request.

Do not forget the socks!

Did you think we had finished? Well, we still have a tip for your interview look. Do not forget the socks and do not let go of your formal style. A bad choice of this garment ruins almost any footwear. Avoid those that are sporty, with crazy designs, very striking colors or holes. Your pants should cover part of the socks, otherwise it means that it is not for your height. In the case of women, it is best to always wear socks, even when wearing low shoes. These should be related to the color of your skin or transparent.


Have you already visualized what footwear to wear in a job interview? Share it with us in the comments. Shoes are the one of the most important parts of dressing up elegantly!