Top 30 Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Men

The cherry blossom is a beautiful tree that produces pink or white flowers. In China and Japan they have a great aesthetic value and a great practical use since the flowers and leaves of the cherry tree are edible. In fact, some Japanese culinary specialties contain these ingredients. They can also be seasoned and are often sold in supermarkets in Japan. And even with the flowers you can prepare tea. Some flower arrangements also use cherry blossoms and they are seen at many weddings as a good luck charm.


The fascination for this tree is not limited only to its beauty and its usefulness. The life cycle of the Sukara tree, the cherry tree of Japan, is also full of intrigue. The cherry tree dries up during the winter, but in spring, it blooms profusely for only a week. Orientals, so superstitious, see deeper symbolism in this cycle.


The best cherry blossom tattoos for men

Cherry blossom tattoos come from Chinese culture and are one of the Eastern icons that have made it to the West. With its elegant design and great meaning, this tattoo design is extremely popular all over the world, in men and women of all ages. The popularity of this tattoo has spread from China to Japan.


However, in Japan, the Sakura flower can also represent the Samurai warrior. These warriors adhered to a moral code called Bushido in which they wanted warriors to respect the honor and integrity of civilians. The cherry blossom and the Samurai represent a balance between power and morality. The cherry tree has the toughness and strength of a true samurai warrior. The flowers are soft and represent the moral and human values ​​that a warrior must have.


The meaning of cherry blossom tattoos

The cherry tree has different meanings depending on the cultures and in that case each cultural entity also gives different meanings to its flowers. In China, the cherry tree symbolizes the dominance of women and enhances their power in sexuality and love. Let’s say that it could be used as a reason to claim a certain feminism. Those who possess these tattoos wear them as a symbol of their independence, their strength and their resistance to the difficulties of life. The flower is also a symbol of good luck for the Chinese.


In Japan, the Sakura has contradictory meanings. On the one hand, this tree reminds them that life is short, so you have to live life as intensely as possible. This meaning and symbolism are established in Japanese culture and even existed at the time of the Samurai. At that time, the wisdom of warriors was extremely admired. Sakura’s life cycle is mentioned in ancient literature, comparing it to the life cycle of the Samurai who lived intensely, but for a short time.


The 3 most popular types of cherry blossom tattoos

Many symbols in tattoo art sometimes represent only one gender, as in this case the female gender, but adding certain motifs to our tattoo will be enough to give it a masculine appearance. The designs with a multitude of flowers stand out in combination with other objects that give it a deeper and more powerful symbolism. They are usually tattooed in bright colors, although pastel colors are also widely used.


1. Cherry blossoms with other motifs on the branches

Decorating the branches of the cherry tree with hearts, stars and butterflies gives it a more feminine air and they look great on larger areas of the body. Additionally, women tend to be drawn to the symbolism behind hearts, stars, and butterflies, among other motifs. Due to the complexity of the design, tattoos of this type are more expensive.


2. Skulls and fire

Men prefer masculine symbols such as fire, skulls or geisha. If they are artistically placed on the cherry blossom, they can cause a feeling of anguish. Some designs consist of a skull completely covered in flowers.


3. Koi carp and text

It is a perfect design that makes you remember what matters to you every time you see the tattoo. It is also a way of not moving away from your goals in life. The text, written in oriental calligraphy, gives it a more exotic touch.


The arm is the ideal place to place a cherry blossom tattoo and it is where this design stands out best as it allows you to appreciate the attractiveness of the flowers placed on the branches. For men, the best place for large, detailed designs is on the back or upper chest. The arms only allow a medium tattoo. The thighs are the best area for women because you get a good contrast with the skin although the foot is also a good place for a small design and also has the advantage that it can be hidden or shown when desired. Shoulder designs work well for both men and women. On the wrists you can place motifs that are not too big and not too small and allow you to have a very visible tattoo if that is what you want.


How much does it cost to get a cherry blossom tattoo?

A simple and basic cherry blossom tattoo is usually between 50 and 100 euros / dollars. Larger, more intricate and multi-colored designs do not have a fixed price and are usually priced on an hourly rate that depends on the experience, popularity of the tattoo artist or simply the country where you get tattooed. We recommend paying more and hiring an experienced tattoo artist rather than an unknown and cheap one. What is at stake is not only the quality of your tattoo, which is already important, but also the hygienic conditions of the procedure and, therefore, your health.