Apps for Making Long-Distance Relationships Easier

Once a rarity, long-distance relationships are becoming more common. The reasons include an uptick in mobility, increased access to technology, and an increasingly globalized world.

Despite being more common, long-distance relationships remain difficult to maintain over time. The reason is obvious; humans are hardwired to seek intimacy with our romantic partners. Being separated by great distances makes that hard to do.

While it’s difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship, doing so isn’t impossible. Many couples manage to stay together after months or even years spent apart.

In today’s increasingly digital world, help often comes in the form of mobile apps. The following are six which help make long-distance relationships easier:


Romantic partners separated by great distances often fill the gap with video messaging. WhatsApp provides a safe and secure way for couples to communicate at any time of day or night. Couples can send each other photos, texts, and voicemails. The security features of WhatsApp also make it the ideal messaging app for couples trying to achieve a virtual sense of physical intimacy. While there are similar apps available to download, WhatsApp remains the premier choice among long-distance couples.


When life gets stressful, sometimes we just need to sit down and have a good laugh. If your significant other is having a bad time thousands of miles away, TikTok provides a quick way to brighten their day with the help of fun and humorous video clips. The content available on TikTok can also prove to be educational and informative, giving couples the chance to share useful clips regarding life hacks and other topics. Of course, couples can also use TikTok to create cute and romantic content for each other.

Therapy Apps

Even the strongest long-distance relationships are subject to the potential strains of all romantic partnerships. Rather than let a rough patch ruin your relationship, consider seeking help from a licensed therapist. The professionals available through online therapy, such as Talkspace, can teach long-distance couples how to fix relationship problems and develop healthy ways to cope with the stress of living far apart. Simply having someone to talk to about the highs and lows of long-distance romance can be enough to generate a stronger sense of unity going forward.

Mobile Games

You might be thousands of miles away, but mobile games can make it seem like you’re in the same room as each other. Whether it’s classic games like chess or more advanced games like Among Us, playing against each other or working as a team can be a great way to strengthen the bonds between partners separated by great distances. Besides, it can be a lot of fun!


They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. What better way to remind your beau how much you care than to surprise them with their favorite meal delivered hot and fresh at their door? DoorDash also gives long-distance couples the chance to enjoy the same dinner together, even if it’s via video chat. All you have to do is coordinate your orders and hope the deliveries arrive at the same time.

Streaming Services

Virtually every leading streaming service offers a way for people in different locations to watch the same simultaneously as a group. There’s Hulu Watch Party, GroupWatch with Disney+, and an independent app known as Teleparty that lets people watch videos together across multiple platforms. While it’s not the same as watching true crime documentaries together on the sofa, it does a decent job recreating the atmosphere of the typical “Netflix and Chill.”

Long-distance relationships used to be rare, but now they’re relatively common. However, they still remain challenging to maintain over time for obvious reasons. While there’s no magic app for teleporting to your partner, several apps can come in clutch in for couples living far apart.

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys covering topics related to business, fashion, and travel.