Top 40 Best Arm Tattoos For Men

Tattoos for men have become very fashionable in recent times. More and more people are investing in skin tattooing, either to express their ideas, as a symbol of something that represents their beliefs or simply for aesthetics. If you are looking for the best tattoos for men to inspire you, then you’re in the right place! One of the most popular parts of the body men get tattoo are their arms. These tattoos are separated into two categories based on how much of the arm they cover, half sleeve and full sleeve tattoos. In this post we will see a wide range of both full and half sleeve arm tattoos for men, so you might end up finding the one that best reflects what you want. Although there are men who are tattooed solely for an aesthetic issue, many people seek to express something through their tattoos.


Although tattoo art can be traced from the beginning of civilization, it is until a few years ago that it has become a massive undisputed phenomenon. After being associated with people of doubtful reputation, convicts, sailors and rebels, the tattoo has managed to establish itself in the current canons to break down prejudices and transform into a genuine form of expression.


It is estimated that approximately the tattoo business generates more than a billion and a half dollars each year and that almost 150 million searches are conducted online every month on this topic.


In this flowering and art boom, tattoos for men on the arm are emerging as one of the most popular places to get tattooed, being the perfect canvas to exhibit the traditional and new trends.


In ancient times, probably, the tattoo had a magical and religious function. It is believed to date back to the earliest civilizations such as the Egyptians and a trace of skins decorated in mummies and preserved bodies of more than 5,000 years have been found.


In primitive cultures, the tattoo could also serve as a rite of passage towards adulthood and to mark ranks and hierarchy.


In the case of the traditional tattoo of the Maori tribes of New Zealand (as in other Polynesian cultures), a tattoo on the upper arm was related with strength and courage, so it was reserved for warriors and chiefs.


If the tattoo was on the forearms and hands, it was an indication of creativity and manual ability.


When the Europeans and their imperial travels arrived in Polynesia in the 18th century, Captain James Cook’s crew adopted the tattoos of the area as something ornamental and hence being symbols of the sailors.


The arms and chest became the ideal place to capture anchors, candles, girls and daggers. Also, the tattoo in Japan served to identify people from the underworld and prostitutes.


The Japanese mafia or Yakuza appropriated this form of expression and we can find that they decorate their arms, shoulders and much of the back.


World War II would take a lot of soldiers to Hawaii and there would become tradition among the men of the troops to tattoo different motives that identified and united them.


Today it is normal to watch TV shows dedicated to tattoo art and celebrities exhibit them without any shame.


The arms are an ideal area for tattooing. For these reasons, full-sleeve tattoos, ranging from shoulder to wrist, have become popular with men.

Taking this into account, to calculate the price of any tattoo in that area, you have to think that to perform a full sleeve you need many sessions and many hours of work. Sometimes up to more than 50 hours.


This is directly related to the tattoo artist’s rate and whether it is an original or a conventional design. It will also depend if only one ink is used or if it is made in colors.


Another reason for a man to consider the arms as ideal for tattooing is that, for the most part, they do not have too much sensitivity to pain.


The upper arm is preferred and supports intricate designs and many hours of work. The forearm is a bit more sensitive, but it is also a favorite. Both have the advantage that this skin is more accustomed to rubbing and the elements.


However, if you consider tattooing a full sleeve, you should consider that the armpit, the inside of the arm, the elbow and its crease, are much more susceptible to pain and healing time is longer.


However, if you consider tattooing a full sleeve, you should consider that the armpit, the inside of the arm, the elbow and its crease, are much more susceptible to pain and healing time is longer.


One of the factors when deciding on the area to get a tattoo is the amount of hair. If you want to make a full sleeve and have hairy forearms, you should consider a constant or permanent hair removal so that the tattoo can be appreciated.


Ideally, waxing that guarantees some days without hair. The familiar use of a razor or razor can be much faster but cumbersome and periodic.


There are also permanent methods such as laser or electrolysis hair removal. It should be considered that a tattoo is an investment, and as such should be taken care of. Ideally, after having gone through the expense and pain, it can be seen optimally.


Just as sunscreen creams are used, body hair control should be considered. Or opt for the inside of the forearms where the capillary distribution is lower.


As we have seen, the arms are a popular place for tattoos for men. Designs can be easily displayed and also hidden if conditions require.


It is also comfortable to do the job and its shape allows interesting pieces to be developed. In addition, they have a moderate resistance to pain.


From the earliest ornamental uses of Western tattoo, such as sailors and soldiers, to the current trend of full sleeve and half sleeve, it has emerged as an absolute favorite.


One of the last aspects to consider is that it admits the most varied designs and the most dissimilar styles. Next let’s take a look at the most usual designs for tattooing on the arms.


Tribal designs are perhaps the oldest. They convey the idea of ​​hardness, courage and strength. They are inspired by traditional symbols and pronounced angles and sharp and bold curves predominate.


They usually look for simplicity and are done only in black ink and with thick lines. This type of tattoo is ideal for dark skin.


One of the oldest and most famous styles is that used by Maori men in New Zealand, called Tā moko in their language. However, although there is a resurgence of maintaining the tradition of making them with bone chisels, they are also made with modern instruments.


They are characterized by multiple parallel lines that run through the tattooed area by spiraling.


Tattoos for men on the arm of the Borneo tribes tattooed their forearms to show their rank and social status. It was also a recurring site among sailors.


So, forearm tattoos have always been related to manhood and manhood. No wonder it is one of the favorite places for men to get tattooed. They can always remain visible and hide with a long-sleeved shirt.


Extensive and elaborate tattoos are not for everyone. Sometimes, a small tattoo of simple lines is enough. They have the advantage that they can be easily hidden and are ideal for men who do not want to attract attention.


They are usually geometric shapes and limited colors. They also allow the use of certain symbols that have some meaning.


Tattooed bangles or bands are also a popular trend among men. They come from the tribal designs of certain cultures and have evolved as a symbolic way of wearing a jewel or permanent garment.


They can adopt the most varied styles and their intention varies between the purely ornate and the affiliation to events or loved ones.


In ancient traditions, tattooing a phrase was related to magic words and spells. They tried to release all the intrinsic power of language. So phrases can always be a good option.


Any man can choose quotes from classics, motivational phrases, poems, puns, sentences, names, abbreviations and acronyms. They also rescue the everyday beauty of typography that can be cursive, gothic or retro.


Despite how costly and laborious it can be, full sleeve tattoos are also popular among men. Among its advantages we have that can be developed in multiple sessions and combining different designs that are gradually coupled. The feeling of integrity of a complete sleeve cannot be denied, with many details that are confused and proliferate. They support the monochrome, the shadows and the colors.