Top 40 Best Spine Tattoos For Men

When you think about your next tattoo, which part of your body is your most likely target? Recently, there’s been a huge demand for spine tattoos so today we’re taking a look at the some incredible spine tattoo for men. Body tattoos are a form of body arts that allows each person to bring out their creativity and show off a bit of their personality through the ink on the back and spine. The spine specifically allows for some incredible and expansive tattoo ideas, and what’s also great about them is that they can evolve into a connected half sleeve or full tattoo later on. Originality is key when it comes to spine tattoos. Some people choose a design of an actual skeletal spine while others go for eastern characters representing meaningful quotes. In either case, the approach can be witty, stylish or artistic, or all of them combined. Here are some of the most incredible spine tattoos to give you a few ideas.

Lettering and Text Spine Tattoo Designs

Getting tattoos has become a very common practice today, both in men and women. In fact, tattoos are not only used to stamp hidden messages, but are considered as part of the fashion today. People are becoming more and more daring when it comes to choosing the best place to place their tattoos. The trend continues to be to place tattoos on more visible parts of the body. Tattoos drawn on the spine are considered “attractive” today. Most of the time, they serve to show off the back. Other people, on the contrary, make them to cover some imperfections of the spine or ugly scars. Whatever the case, it is a deeply personal and meaningful tattoo for the wearer. Spinal tattoos have different meanings, depending on the design. Although the artist may have their own interpretation of the design, the person wearing it is the one who really knows the true meaning of the tattoo.


Metal Spine Tattoo Designs

Regardless of the design, it is important to know the true meaning behind each symbol in order to truly appreciate the work. One of the most notable designs for the spine is that of the Cycle of the Moon. The new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. This phase represents a new beginning. Every person deserves to have a fresh start. It is necessary to go through important changes in life, to be a better person. The waxing moon is the next phase of the lunar cycle. This phase symbolizes hopes and wishes. As a human being, it is natural to have dreams and wishes. People are free to dream of whatever their heart desires. There is no limit to dreams. You only have to act to make those dreams come true. These designs also represent the delicacy of a person. This is the reason why it is more common in women than in men. The spine is one of the most fragile parts of the human body. If you have one of these tattoos, you are showing the world that you are capable of many things, even if you are a fragile and delicate person.












Abstract Spine Tattoo Designs

Spine tattoos are amazing. The back is one of the most sensual parts of the human body. When you decide to get tattooed along your spine, it will give you a fresher and more provocative look. It is the perfect option for those who want to highlight their sensual back. It is one of the simplest tattoos that can be placed on the spine, and one of the most symbolic. The moon, as is known, goes through several stages that are compared to the human life cycle. A cycle that usually refers to life and death. This simple design is loaded with multiple meanings. The moon goes through eight different phases, each of which has various symbolic meanings. For example, the New Moon often symbolizes a new beginning, a birth. In this design, all the phases of the lunar cycle are aligned along the spine.














Other Spine Tattoo Designs

Butterflies will always be beautiful and mystical. Butterflies symbolize growth and development. When we are little, teachers at school talked to us on the development stages of the butterfly. Butterflies are first an egg. They grow and transform into caterpillars. The caterpillars grow and pupate. At this stage the caterpillar rests. It stops growing and becomes a chrysalis. When the chrysalis finally opens, a beautiful colorful butterfly emerges. The development of the butterfly is associated with human growth. As people go through the different stages of your life, the experiences that transform us as people are lived. Some of these experiences can be negative, but that helps us turn into a beautiful butterfly in the end. This is another type of tattoo that is placed on the spine, equally beautiful, like many of the designs that exist these days. Symmetrical designs on the body express great balance, so they always look good. They are very pleasant to look at. Shapes, symbols and lines create a masterpiece in harmony. Balance is needed in everything you do in life. When working, it takes time for distraction, for life to be better and for us to be happier people. When someone focuses on just one thing, they probably won’t fully enjoy all that life has to offer. Many opportunities can be missed and regret later.














Spine Tattoos for Men FAQs

1. What parts of the spine are most tattooed?

As you might expect, spine tattoos are placed along the spine. The problem is choosing the exact place to place the tattoo: on the upper part of the spine, in the middle of the back or on the lower part of the spine. There are many designs that suit each of the different parts we mentioned. For example, a dragonfly is preferable to place on the upper part of the spine. The wings can spread over the shoulder blades while the body is extended to the center of the spine. Flower designs are great for the lower back, especially if there are roots in the design. The tattoo should start slightly above the buttocks and should end below the middle of the spine. This place is ideal for women who like to wear short tops.

2. How much do spine tattoos cost?

The procedure can be quite expensive, especially if the design is very elaborate. The more complex the design, the more expensive it will be. The size of the tattoo is also important. If you choose a really great design, you should know that you will pay more. A full size spine tattoo will cost around € 150 to € 250. When compared to other types of tattoos, it may seem expensive, but for this type of tattoos the artist must have experience and talent to perform the procedure.

3. Are spine tattoos dangerous?

The risk, although low, exists. As you may know the spine, especially the lower part and lumbar are very delicate parts of a person’s body. As such extra care is necessary.