Top 5 ace additions to your living room

You’ve got a rickety sofa, carpeting from the 70s and a telly that was first used during the Queen’s coronation – it’s time for a redesign in your living room.

Indeed, your living room is the most important space in your home. It’s where you’ll amass the most memories and enjoy long rainy days indoors. So do you really want to waste those Kodak moments in a place that looks like an overturned skip?

You want a style that’s fab – so why not try a few of these terrific tips?

  • A superb sofa

Does your sofa feel like sitting on a concrete slab of misery? Then it’s time to invest in something that will let you lounge like an Arabian sultan.



For our money, Chesterfield sofas are the best option on the market. They’ll leave you overawed with their comfort, and come in a variety of impressive colours.

  • Classy shelving

You might love nothing more than tucking in to some televisual trash, but you also need a touch of class in your front room.

Classy shelving for living room

Classy shelving for living room

Purchase a bookshelf and cram it with literary classics. If you don’t want to break the bank, a bookshelf can be purchased for less than £50 from Argos, while a varied collection of books can be purchased for less than £1 each from sites like Amazon.

You’ll have an excellent touch of highbrow goodness in your home – and a fantastic collection of books to devour when you’re sick of reality shows.

  • Tellies with design credentials

Televisions used to be a simple buy – you just picked up the largest one you could find and plonked it in your front room.

Curve TV

Curve TV

Now, however, the average telly has more features than the Hubble Telescope. If you want to purchase the right one, you’ll have to know a thing or two about the specifics.

First off, make sure it has a 1080p resolution. Then ensure it has Freeview functionality. And finally, try not to

buy one that’s too big. The last thing you want is a telly that looks like a black hole in your living room.

  • A fantastic focal point

Every room needs some focus, so find something that will catch the eye and WOW any guests.

Focal point in living room

Focal point in living room

It could be a natty coffee table, a classical ornament or a modernist painting – whatever you feel will complement the space you’ve designed.

  • Retro chic

It’s official – old is new, and it’s very, very cool. Purchase a few vintage ornaments – Polaroid cameras, old vinyl – and revel in your hipster credentials.

Retro chic living room

Retro chic living room

The appeal of retro chic is that it’s utterly disposable, so don’t make any permanent or major changes to your living room. But add in some retro stylings and you’ll be praised at any of your supercool gatherings.



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