Top 5 Architectural Projects in 2021: A Look at the Best Bits

Image source: Pixabay

What a year it’s been for buildings! It seems like year in and year out, we get treated to more and more beautiful architectural projects, and we’re lucky to be able to see some of the things the world’s most talented architects are putting out there.

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But that’s for another day. Right now, we’re taking architecture back to its rawest form and checking out some very beautiful buildings. 2021 has seen some truly stunning pieces and today, we’re going to be taking a look at what we think are the best bits. Although, it was really hard to narrow down a top five!

Plaza of Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

Junya Ishigami and Associates

This space in Japan is simply breathtaking. It focuses on two main characteristics: versatility and the semi outdoors. And the result? A perfect combination of the two concepts.

Designed as part of the Kanagawa Institute of Technology’s campus, the Plaza functions as a kind of relaxation area for students. There’s not really much more to it than that, and this openness to the design is something we find really beautiful. You won’t find any furniture in there for a start!

We’re pretty jealous of the University students who get to visit this building whenever they like. Great work, Junya.

Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki

Jun Aoki and Peter Marino

Another stroke of genius in Japan comes from the new Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Everybody knows Louis Vuitton for their exquisite clothing design but they’ve doubled down on this now with an amazing building to house that clothing in.

Ginza, one of the coolest areas in Tokyo, just got even cooler thanks to a stroke of genius from the prestigious pairing of Jun Aoki and Peter Marino. We hope to see more from these two in combination in the future.

Bath Abbey Restoration

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Something a little different here. Building work on the glorious Bath Abbey originally began in 1499 and was completed some 117 years later in 1616. 400 years after that, it was beginning to look very clear that serious restoration work was needed.

And that’s when Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios stepped up to the plate. The restoration work was carried out tastefully and sensibly, giving a new lease of life to this fantastic building without taking anything away from its original design.

Serpentine Pavilion, London


This wonderful-looking pavilion, set in Kensington Gardens, London, really is a sight for sore eyes. From the outside, it looks pretty simple. But when you set foot underneath it, you’ll see that the complex sequence of pillars is anything but normal.

We mentioned Counterspace in the introduction to this article. The South African architectural group is certainly one to watch in the future, and the Serpentine Pavilion is a solid example of why that’s the case.

Infinitus Plaza, Hong Kong

Zaha Hadid Architects

This futuristic-looking Hong Kong shopping center by Zaha Hadid Architects is bound to dazzle visitors. Its spectacular frame is based on the infinity symbol, hence the name of the project.

The project is actually two separate but connected buildings and we simply love the way it’s been put together. Inside, there are dynamic workspaces for people to enjoy working in collaboration. We all know about the importance of well-designed office space, and this is one of the best examples of one!