Train Connections in Europe

Europe is the leading continent with the use of train as the major means of transport. Its rail network is modern and well connected.Europe has different types of trains: high-speed trains, medium speed/distance trains, and regional trains. The high-speed trains connect big cities within a country and across the borders like from London to Paris, medium speed trains operate through long and medium lengths.

Regional trains are for shorter distances, they connect smaller cities and towns. The following are major train routes in Europe.

  1. Vienna to Budapest

These two are Europe’s most beautiful capitals. Traveling between these two cities is very fast and easy. Trains from Vienna depart at the Wien Hauptbahnhof train station and arrive at the Budapest Keleti bus station.

There are 14 trains operating on Vienna to Budapest route with the first train departing at 4:45 am and the last train leaving at 9:50 pm. It takes less than three hours to travel from Vienna to Budapest. The trains are mostly direct and no seat reservation required. The train’s prices range from 32-40 euros.

  1. Amsterdam to Berlin

All of the trains from Amsterdam to Berlin are run by Deutsche Bahn. The trains depart from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station and arrive at Berlin Hbf. The journey takes about six hours.

There’re several departures a day all through the week with the first train departing at 7 am and the last at 4:30 pm. There’re alternative routes but they involve more connections and time wastage.

  1. Rome to Venice

Traveling between these two cities in Italy is fast because they are just a short distance apart.Most of the trains on this route are direct. The trains depart from Tiburtina train station or Termini train station in Rome and arrive at Santa Lucia or Mestre train station in Venice.

The journey from Rome to Venice takes about 3 hours and 25 minutes. The first train departs at around 7:50 am and the last train leaves at 11:00 pm.There’re over 30 trains operating on Rome to Venice route. Most travelers book their train tickets a day before their travel date.

  1. Prague to Berlin

These are considered two of the most fascinating cities in Europe. The trains are run by Railjet. Most of the trains operating on this route are direct. Traveling by train from Prague to Berlin takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. The trains on this route run on an hourly basis.

The trains depart from Hlavni Nadrazi train station in Prague and arrive at Hauptbahnhof in Berlin. Most of the travelers book their tickets a day before their travel date. The prices from Berlin to Prague range from $33-72 depending on the day you book.

  1. Paris to Amsterdam

The trains operating on this route are run by Thalys, one of the main International train companies in Europe. The journey from Paris to Amsterdam takes 3 hours and 20 minutes. There’re a total number of 10 trains operating on this route. The first train departs at 6:25 am while the last leaves at 7:25 pm. The trains depart from Gare du Nord station in Paris and arrive at Centraal train station in Amsterdam.