Traveling for students 101: Making trips in college 

College is always associated with hard studying, high workload, paying off the loan, partying, and traveling. Many students struggle to find time for something more except studies, and eventually, they come to the thought, «I need help with my homework» The following decision will be to ask, «Can you write my paper for me cheap?» and delegate the tasks to professional services.

Traveling is a bit more difficult to handle as it usually requires time and money to be invested, much more than the amount you need to cover paper writing services. However, even with a tight budget and fewer opportunities, you still have a chance to travel the world with your student ID.

Why and how students should travel

Traveling is entertaining, but this is not the only reason why you should do this as a student:

  • Discovering the world, you can understand how it works. Or at least try and draw conclusions;
  • You can discover new cultures and teach them yours by exchanging experience;
  • Traveling helps you create great memories you will remember for life;
  • Other countries improve your knowledge of foreign languages;
  • You grow both mentally and professionally;
  • Traveling helps to see yourself from another angle and build self-confidence. It also makes you a mature independent person.

If this is enough to convince you in pleasures of traveling you can experience, here are some useful tips to feel more comfortable abroad:

  1. Ask the experts

Sign up for student travel bloggers and check their advice on the countries you want to travel to. They name specific moments that should be paid attention to depending on the country and also offer the best and cheapest places to visit. If you aim to study abroad, you will also need an expert`s advice on the main requirements of the specific country.

  1. Use not a popular time

Plan your vacations during off-peak periods to save money and enjoy the famous places without crowds of tourists. For example, don`t travel to Europe in late July or early August. Try to work your plans based on your school holidays.

  1. Research the tours

There are specific travel agencies focused on students that can help you choose the best tour friendly to your budget. They usually offer great discounts, and their adventures are full of fun and adrenaline.

  1. Become an intern

To combine traveling with making some money and creating career opportunities, use your summer break to explore another country as an intern. You can visit a career office at your college and check what programs are available for you. As an alternative, you can also choose volunteering abroad.

  1. Use your student ID

This is your main and essential instrument for traveling abroad, just like a passport. With its help, you can get discounts for food, accommodation, and entertainment, visit museums for free and do many more things. Always ask whether the property has discounts for students – they don`t always put a sign.

  1. Make friends with locals

One of the most pleasant ways to explore another country is to be accompanied by a local. It will give you an opportunity to practice the language, get in not touristic places, and take a deeper dive into another culture. You can find them at specialized websites or such resources as Couchsurfing.