Turn Shatter into Vape Juice: Advantages, Side Effects & Regulations  

Vaping marijuana is becoming a fad to most users. Is it safer and cleaner if you turn shatter into vape juice?

Users who want heavier hit turn to shatter weed concentrate. It has up to 80 percent cannabinoid content.

If you want to learn about shatter and vape e-juice, you’ve arrived in the right post.

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice generally covers a wide range of liquids that are used for vape devices. Liquids are referred to as e-juice or e-liquid.

The main content of vape juice includes propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a mixture of the two ingredients. It can be added with substances like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and other flavors.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a kind of dab. Dabs are the popular term for marijuana concentrates that are produced from THC and CBD.

It is extracted by running a solvent like butane, propane, or carbon dioxide. The CBD resins are extracted after evaporating the solvent. Shatters cost about $60 to $70 per gram.

Shatter is called Shatter due to its resemblance to brittle glass. Like glass, it can break and shatter easily. It has an elastic property that makes it provide a “snap and pull” consistency.

Shatters are considered the most potent of all the marijuana concentrates because they underwent an extra filtration process. Fats and waxes are removed during the procedure.

THC Liquids

THC liquids are vape juice that has THC content rather than nicotine. It is usually placed in a pre-filled cartridge attached to a vape pen. Usually, commercial THC cartridges contain 10 percent THC that can produce enough high.

Advantages of Vaping e-Juice:

Since you vape and not smoke, you skip the combustion process. You avoid the carcinogenic effects that smoking brings.

It is also a portable way to consume cannabis. You can use and carry it anytime in most places.

Vaping provides a discreet method of consuming cannabis. You don’t have to hide or create a distraction from others who don’t consume it.

It is also cheaper than smoking. You can prepare your own vaping e-juice at home.

Vaping e-juice from shatter provides high like when smoking weeds. But with the preparation it produces less to no odor at all. It’s also cleaner because the unwanted taste of marijuana has been removed.

Are There Side Effects When Vaping e-Juice?

Vaping e-juice can cause irritation in your mouth or throat. In general, consuming THC provides other side effects including headaches, paranoia, fatigue, and dry eyes or mouth.

These side effects can vary from person to person. If you continue to experience these side effects, you need to lower down the dosage of THC in your e-juice.

Is It Legal to Vape e-Juice?

Most states have their own jurisdiction on the legality of marijuana and vaping THC products. Check with your own state if it is legal before consuming it.

Medical marijuana is allowed in many states. Some states also permit the selling of marijuana for recreational purposes including Alaska, Colorado, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, Washington, and Washington D.C.

You cannot mail THC products because it is regarded as a federal crime. It is banned even in states that allow legal use of marijuana.

If you are interested in buying e-juice produced from shatter, you should only buy from trusted retailers in the market. It increases the risks of contamination and experiencing side effects if you purchase it from illegal sources.

Keep in mind that the process of converting shatter into e-juice undergoes a strict process. It is done to make it purer and get rid of unnecessary toxins.

Instead of buying, you can also prepare your own e-juice at home. You can purchase shatters and prepare your own THC product.

Follow the instructions in preparing the recipe in your home. The extraction process is crucial because one error can result in dangerous chemicals that can harm you.

Preparing your own e-juice from shatter provides a lot more advantages than purchasing it. For safety reasons, you are able to know what goes in your THC product.

It is also considerably more affordable. When you prepare your own e-juice, you are able to get more than when you buy it commercially.

Always remember to be safe whether you buy or prepare your own e-juice. Follow the regulations in your state to avoid the hassles and getting into trouble with the law.  You can check terpenes for sale here.