Useful Ideas To Help You Organize Your Garage And Keep It Clutter-free

Two issues that often present themselves to brand new homeowners are expense and mess. This often motivates them to look for smart ways to save power or to seek new storage options. One common area for concern is the garage, where many people keep the things they don’t want in their homes.

The junk can easily accumulate over time and before you know it, your once tidy garage has become a cluttered mess. The best way to avoid this happening is by organizing your garage and tidying it on a regular basis. In this article, we will provide some handy hints on how to do this. 

Check Out Specialist Companies

Many people are interested in getting help with their garage organization problems but aren’t sure where they can turn. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer professional services for organizing garages and keeping them clutter-free – and the vast majority have their own websites. They have both helpful free advice and equipment that you can buy. 

Tucson is the second-largest city in Pima County (Arizona, USA) and it’s host to over 540,000 people. If you go online for garage storage Tucson az you’ll find companies that sell storage units, shelving and bins. By using them and also overhead storage racks, you can protect your belongings from dust, rust, insects, rodents, water damage (mold) and more. 

Create A Schedule

If you don’t plan it in advance, your regular tidying process may never occur. For this reason, you should schedule yourself to work on your garage or storage room as often as it’s required (and as your free time permits). Create a checklist of tasks that need doing each time and prioritize them according to what is most important. If motivation is a real issue, put in place certain rewards for when your goals have been achieved, such as watching an episode of your favorite show. Your goals should be realistic and achievable – set them and stick to them!

You can also schedule breaks so you do not burn out. If you split your garage into different sections (e.g. a hobby area, tool area, car area) you could tidy just one part at a time to make the task less tedious and time-consuming.

Label Everything

This can be as simple as covering a spare shelf unit with ‘Christmas’, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Easter decorations’ labels. Marking areas of the garage by purpose helps you identify what is stored quickly and easily, whether it’s drills, sports equipment or cleaning products. This makes it easier to find things when needed and it allows for faster de-cluttering too.

Try to store what you most use within handy reaching distance. If your labels are clear and you can read them from afar, this will save you time and effort. Another helpful idea is to use color-coded plastic tubs and bins that are sorted according to different categories (tools, screws, nails, gardening equipment, etc.).

Keep Things Off The Floor

Storing clutter on the floor looks messy and creates slip and trip hazards. Think about loose cables, nails and chemical spillages. Keep everything raised up from the ground at all times so that you have more floor space to move around on. Hanging pot plants that would normally sit on the floor is another great idea.

If you have a stack of heavy boxes which are taking up floor space, overhead storage racks can be used to hold them. They work by hanging from the roof beams, and it’s best not to go too high as this could cause safety issues.

Use A Retractable Ladder

This is a great way to get to those hard-to-reach places easier than ever before, whilst freeing up extra floor space. 

Retractable ladders are perfect for reaching things on high shelves or in overhead storage racks, but they can also be used to reach light bulbs and electrical outlets as well. Just make sure that you open it out securely and don’t bang your head against the top beams!


Whilst it’s great organizing your garage and putting everything in its rightful place it’s also beneficial to get rid of the rubbish. This can be a simple task requiring just an hour of your time, depending on how much stuff you have in there. 

The decluttering process works best if the space is empty and clean before you start. As with your general organizing, it’s possible to declutter your garage in order of importance or by category (electronics, tools, car equipment, etc.). If something is broken or you never use it – get rid of it!

Use Hooks, Shelves, And Bins

You can use hooks for things like hats and coats or even keys. Use ones that fit into the walls of your garage – they usually come complete with screws, drywall anchors, and instructions on how to install them properly. If you don’t want holes in your wall, consider using adhesive hooks instead (they won’t leave a sticky residue either).

Make sure your shelves are sturdy enough for what you plan to keep on them, whether they’re made of metal or wood. Bins can be used for storing all kinds of different things and the best ones are clear so that you can easily see what they contain.

Buy Storage Containers With Wheels

It’s possible to buy trolleys you can keep in your garage that is perfect for storage. By being on wheels you can move them wherever you want whenever you need. If floor space is limited you can even take them outside while you work. 

As you can see, it requires a little planning and organization and some new equipment if you want to give your garage an upgrade. Once you have put some of these changes in place the entire area will be smarter and safer. You’ll enjoy yourself whenever you’re in the garage, and so will anyone else who joins you. If you need something you’ll find it in seconds, and there will be plenty of ways you can store it once you’ve finished.