What You Should Do If You Were Injured in a Truck Accident

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in truck-related accidents and fatalities in recent years. According to experts, every year there are over 100 000 large trucks involved in injury crashes. It is, then, understandable that there is a great need for attorneys familiar with the intricacies of trucking crash claims.

Trucking crashes are often tragic; and can lead to extensive damage, permanent disability, and lifelong assisted care. Financial awards will not take back the trauma of the event but will relieve the economic toll this accident will have on you and your family.

Were you injured in a truck-related accident, and now wondering what you should do? If you are in the surroundings of Alabama or Georgia, there are reputable personal injury lawyers ready to help with your claim. To understand some more information to help determine the exact liability for your injuries, here are some considerations for you.

Get witness statements.

If there is a witness to the scene of the truck-related crash, it is vital that you report their statement of the event. If it’s not possible to get information from the witnesses, use their contact details as soon as it’s appropriate to get written statements of what occurred. Witnesses could include owners of businesses nearby who may have security footage of the crash, other drivers who were close-by, and even witnesses who can testify to specific road or weather conditions. All information could be crucial.

Getting witness statements includes writing your own, giving evidence of the road, weather, traffic conditions, directions each vehicle was traveling, anything significant that was seen or heard at the crash scene.

Get legal assistance as soon as possible.

In a truck-related accident where you were injured, the key to winning your case could be to get an experienced attorney on board with your case as soon after the accident as possible. Truck crashes often involve multiple parties, along with complicated trucking regulations, it is better not to waste any time that could impact the outcome of your case.

There are also time limitations to opening a lawsuit against a driver or trucking company and consulting an attorney can personally guide you through this process. In Alabama, the claimant has two years to file a case against a driver or a trucking company. However, evidence can get lost or damaged long before that happens and that is why it’s advisable to get an attorney on your case soonest. 

Document evidence of damage and/or injury.

One of the most important things during a truck crash investigation is to keep documentation of any evidence that could support your case. As trucking companies usually have massive insurance policies, the company responsible for the driver and vehicle may try to shift blame to settle for less in a trial. Therefore, any piece of evidence that could be used against the driver or their trucking company is in your favor. It is critical that you take photographs of bodily injuries over the coming days and weeks after your accident. This also includes video and audio evidence. Furthermore, any supporting documents or reports, such as medical bills, doctors’ reports, and witness statements are likely to prove helpful to your case.

Important documentation also includes an accurate assessment of damage to your vehicle, through inspection reports, and property. Some examples of personal belonging that should be kept a record of are laptop or electronic equipment, ruined clothing, destroyed jewelry, or other personal items. 

Comply with your insurance company.

In conjunction with your truck crash attorney, it is vital that you maintain a good relationship with your car and personal insurance company. The companies you have entrusted with legal claims will argue your case, supporting you to provide all the evidence that is required for your case. Though it may seem that some requests, procedures, or even questions that your insurance providers may have might not be appropriate or relevant, they are the experts in this case and are here to guide you through your lawsuit. The legal battle may only be resolved in a matter of years, so this is why a comfortable, communicative relationship between you and your insurance company should be in place. Additionally, ensure that your truck accident lawyer is on good terms with your insurance provider, as they will be working closely together and open channels between your chosen professionals may be the difference between a lawsuit that is successful and one that isn’t.

After a traumatic accident is a time you’ll be least likely to want to make such life-affecting decisions. But, it is the highest priority that you are legally supported as soon as possible. In this way, you can recover from this moment in your life in the best and fastest way possible.