Why Are Electric Scooters Becoming More And More Popular

Driving around the city can be a relaxing activity where you can clear your mind. It can also be a living hell. With populations increasing at a rapid rate, traffic jams are more common and people waste hours every day in their commutes. It also doesn’t help that gas prices keep surging, making it more difficult for car owners to use their vehicles for daily commutes. Fortunately, there are some interesting alternatives, like the electric scooters, which have been in high demand these past few years. Here’s why they are more popular now than ever.


Granted, an electric scooter isn’t as fast as a car or even a motorcycle, but it can actually get you to your destination earlier than either. With an electric scooter, you get an ability to maneuver that you don’t get with a car or a motorcycle. It allows you to avoid traffic jams and saves you a lot of time that could otherwise be wasted. You might think that motorcycles have that same ability to wriggle through traffic jams, but electric scooters have a much bigger advantage: they can be driven on bike lanes and even sidewalks––do check relevant state laws, though, to make sure it is allowed. Needless to say, you can’t ride your motorcycle on the sidewalk. 


Perhaps the biggest reason why electric scooters are so popular nowadays is the fact that they are cheap. They aren’t exactly as cheap as a bicycle, but they are certainly cheaper than cars and motorcycles. As you can see on https://www.electricbikeparadise.com/collections/mototec-electric-scooters, an electric scooter is affordable to purchase and you have many options to choose from. More importantly, you don’t have to pay for fuel as you would with a car or a motorcycle. Electric scooters run on electricity as the name implies, so there are no added fuel charges to pay. They also save you parking fees. In most places, you can park them anywhere, and you can even carry them with you to the office. 


As you can see so far, electric scooters are practical. Most can be folded and put in your car trunk, unlike a bike, which means you can drive closer to your destination if you live far and use the scooter inside the city. They also don’t require as much effort as riding a bicycle, so if you’re looking for the maneuverability of one without the added effort, an electric scooter is a better option. The battery of the average electric scooter can last an average of 20 km, which is probably enough for your commute or at least to get you to a subway station. Moreover, they can be fully charged in a couple of hours, so they wouldn’t take as much time as you would think. 


Electric scooters are much safer than a motorcycle. They don’t go at the same high speeds, so you wouldn’t be at high risk for accidents. Considering the spread of diseases possible in confined spaces in public transport, electric scooters are a safe option because they provide you with private transport that isn’t costly and also wouldn’t put you in contact with many people like in a crowded bus or subway. 

Easy Maintenance 

Electric scooter maintenance is not only cheap but also relatively simple. The main parts that might need changing after a while are the electric motor and battery, which can be a bit expensive but cheaper than a car nonetheless. Other than that, the rest of the components won’t cost you much time or money in terms of maintenance. 


Another reason why electric scooters are gaining more popularity regularly is how sustainable they are compared to a car or motorcycle. Regular vehicles that run on fuel have a huge negative impact on the environment due to their high carbon emissions, one of the reasons for climate change. Electric scooters on the other hand don’t have exhaust fumes and their carbon footprint is minimal compared to fuel-operated vehicles. While there are electric cars in the markets now, they are not cheap or common so far. This makes the scooters a much better option that can be accessible to more people while being environment-friendly. 

The best thing about electric scooters is how their manufacturers are constantly working to find ways to improve them and make riders’ lives easier. Newer batteries with more range are always introduced and more comfort is added in different ways. If you want to get your hands on an electric scooter, now is probably the time considering how popular they are. It will save you more time and money than you would imagine. More importantly, it is much better for the environment than public transportation or private cars.