Why Is It Called Good Friday?

Isn’t it ironic that one of the most tragic days in Christian history is called Good Friday? The New Testament describes that day as a day of suffering that ends with the crucifixion of Jesus, events that sound like anything but good.

Reason behind why is it called Good Friday?

The cross on the hill, Jesus Christ from the Bible. Easter, Religion. Salvation of sins, sacrifice.

Since the 3rd century, the English and Dutch have used the term Good Friday, which according to etymologists is probably an alteration of the Germanic word “Goodes”, which means “God” or “holy”. The rest of the world calls it Holy Friday. Leaving aside the history of words, theologians teach us that in the terrible death of Jesus, the good purpose of God to love and redeem the world is proclaimed. On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ death on a cross and we look forward to his resurrection on Easter Sunday.