World’s Largest Eagles Around The World

Berkut Golden Eagle

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Aside from being a huge eagle on the list, the Berkut golden eagle also has an average weight of about 6.5kg. This means that it is also possible that it is among the heaviest in the world. This type of eagle are best-known to be a bird of prey, which commonly exist in the Northern Hemisphere.

Bald Eagle

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This one is a huge eagle, alright. The bald eagle is also a bird of prey found mostly in North America. As a sea eagle, it forms a pair with the white-tailed eagle. It also has a couple of subspecies. Moreover, the distinctive brown body and the white tail and head make it identifiable even from afar.

Harpy Eagle

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This type of eagle might look odd to some common species of eagles. Most of the time, it is named as the American harpy eagle to easily distinguish it from the Papuan eagle. According to researchers, this is arguably the most powerful eagle on the planet. It is very persistent and strong at devouring its prey.

African Crowned Eagle

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The African crowned eagle or crowned hawk-eagle is among the large birds of prey. This is living only on a relatively small area in Africa. It is also one of the most powerful and largest eagles in Africa, described as the hunting machine.

Verreaux’s Eagle

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It is one of Africa’s largest birds of prey, which is also recognized as the black eagle, particularly in the parts of Southern Africa. According to sources, this is a type of bird of prey that is highly specialized.

Philippine Eagle

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Also recognized around the world as the monkey-eating eagle or the great Philippine eagle, it belongs to the birds of prey category. This is said to be a giant forest raptor that is local to the Philippines. With its long legs and fashionable look, this eagle was once considered as the largest in the world.

White-Tailed Sea Eagle

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This type of eagle has been categorized as the eagle of the rain. In fact, it is known as the fourth largest in the world. They live near huge bodies of water and coastlines all across the parts of Asia and Europe. It commonly has a brown body plumage with conspicuously pale neck and head.

African Martial Eagle

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The African martial eagle is a huge eagle located in certain habitats in the sub-Saharan Africa. It has a wingspan that reaches about 6ft and 4in and it has an average size of about 32in long. As the largest eagle found in Africa, it is a formidable bird of prey.

Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle

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The largest bird of prey is the wedge-tailed eagle of Australia with heavily feathered legs. It has a wingspan that reaches over 2 meters in length and it is the largest bird of prey in Australia.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

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The world’s largest eagle is the Steller’s sea eagle having a wingspan of over 2m and weighs around 5-9kg. It mainly breeds in Russia, as well as Japan and Korea. It is one of the protected species in Russia, while it is a national symbol in Japan.



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