10 Awe-inspiring Routes You Need To Travel Along at Least Once in Your Life

I am pretty sure that most of you Lazy Penguins have been on chilling and comfortable trips abroad with all the extras (flights, hotel, accommodation, food) arranged (I have done that too, and still keep doing it).

But, by doing that, are you ever going to feel the real spirit of genuine adventure while heading towards a destination with your backpack only? People say that, this is the real way of understanding the culture of a foreign land and a way of getting to know the REAL YOU.

In order to stimulate the development of your adventure desire we put together a list if extremely awesome footpaths you can take into the wild in various countries of the world. “H/T”:brightside

10. The Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii.

The Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii
The Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii

Source: pinterest, thejoltjoker, laszlofromhalifax