Top 30 World Map Tattoos For Men

In more ways than one, the earth is our home and our greatest connection to others. Be it the planet, the continent, the country or the city, these territories give us a place that we can call our own. For this reason it is very common for maps, representations of that piece of land that is so significant, to appear in tattoos. The meaning of the maps can vary greatly, according to their composition. In general they are symbols of the adventurous spirit, the taste for travel and the feeling of belonging. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the best world map tattoos for men!

Compass World Map Tattoos

World maps can be used to represent the notion of being citizens of the world and the peaceful connection that should exist between all the inhabitants of the planet, regardless of borders and differences in language, culture, religion or politics.












Spooky World Map Tattoos

Some travel enthusiasts tattoo global maps with the intention of filling in each country as they visit. You can even use these maps to make a political statement. Many intellectuals have pointed out that the world maps do not present the proportions correctly. It has also been said that the direction of the north does not respond to real geographical criteria, but to political motives in favor of the centers of power. If you share these opinions, you can tattoo a world map “upside down” or the Peters, Robinson or Equal earth projections.





Minimalist World Map Tattoos

In any case, this type of design adapts very well to different sizes, as long as the details diminish along with the piece. There are mini versions, with only the contour of the continents that can be located on the wrist, as well as you can have a piece, full of details, that occupies the entire back. An interesting way to do this type of tattoo is divided into two areas of the body that have contact, such as the feet.




Colourful World Map Tattoos

You can also choose maps of specific areas of the planet. It can be the continent you belong to, the country, an island, province or city. You can also capture on your skin a special place that you have visited or the territory where a very dear person is. You also have the possibility to choose a current map or an old one and accompany your design with a compass or a compass rose.







Other World Map Tattoos

Not all maps correspond to real sites. In the same way, you have the possibility to express your fanaticism for a fantastic story by tattooing the map of that world. Two very popular options are the Middle-earth map from the Lord of the Rings universe or the Westeros Map from the Game of Thrones saga. With a map on your skin, you will always remember how far you have come.







World Map Tattoos For Men FAQs

1. What are the most popular world map tattoo designs?

Compasses are without a doubt the most popular designs among world map tattoos, tightly connected to the themes of navigation and the seas.

2. What unusual world map tattoo designs are there?

Certain creepy designs such as those featuring skulls or pirate ships can be seen as unusual but there is a connection between them and world maps, along with treasure maps.

3. Which part of the body should I tattoo a world map on?

The forearms and biceps are a popular place people get world map tattoos on but the chest is without a doubt the part allowing the most creativity.