For the Love of Travel – Top 3 Careers That Allow You to Travel the World

In order to do most things in life, it costs money, right? Of course. They say, “some of the best things in life are free,” and to a certain degree, that’s true… things like friendship, the love of family, etc… yes, those things are priceless, and they also don’t really count because the “best things” in life are indeed, not free… in fact, a lot of the “best things” can cost you a pretty penny!

Now, because these “best things” aren’t free, you have to pay for them, right? Obviously, so what do you do? You go to work each day to pay for these things you want to enjoy in life. For some people, their idea of “best things” are materialistic, like cars, designer clothes and accessories, etc. but for others, the “best things” are traveling the world… and that is something that definitely is not free.

But to be able to enjoy a luxury such as traveling, it requires a lot from you. You need to have the money to do it, you need to have enough vacation time saved up to stay long enough to enjoy your destination, and you need to make sure your responsibilities are taken care of before you go (at work and at home). It can be a lot but what if you had a job that allowed you to travel? To make it even better, what if you had a job that required you to travel? Life would be so much better for you, wouldn’t it?

The idea of sitting behind a desk for eight hours, answering phone calls, and typing away can get redundant after a while… sometimes you just need a change in scenery to bring your career back to life. If you love to travel, take a look at some of the top careers that allow you to fulfill your love of traveling.

Locum Tenens Physician

A locum tenens physician is a physician that stands in place for other doctors who have gone on some type of leave. It’s a short-term position but it does allow you to travel to different locations and practice medicine in different settings. In the past, locum tenens physicians were typically doctors who are close to retirement but here recently, lots of new doctors are taking on these positions as a way to explore the different medical settings in different locations… it’s their way of “getting their feet wet” in the medical world.

The cool thing about traveling as a locum tenens physician is the fact that it’s not just limited to one particular specialty. If you’re a neurologist, you can search neurologist positions by state and from there see if there are any locum tenens positions in that area – also it is worth noting that locum tenens anesthesia salaries have been and will be on the higher tier.

Flight Attendant

Becoming a travel agent is one of the most obvious careers where traveling is required but it’s also one of the careers that’s the most accessible. To become a travel agent, you’re typically not required to have any type of specialized degree but that just depends on which airline you choose to work with… some airlines do require some type of formal education, in addition to a high school diploma or GED.

According to, basic requirements of becoming a flight attendant include but are not limited to:

  • Completed training from the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to speak a different language (preferred)
  • Pleasant physical appearance and hygiene
  • Specific medical and health requirements

One of the biggest things to realize with this career path is that you will be traveling quite often so you must have a very flexible schedule. Having a flexible schedule is probably the toughest aspect of being a flight attendant but by sacrificing your flexibility, it does have its perks. You get to see the world, you either get to fly for free or at an amazing discount, and a family member typically gets the same benefits as you… it just depends on the airline.

Athletic Recruiter

When people think about what it means to have a career in sports, their minds automatically go to needing to be an athlete. Sure, being an athlete is a great way to get your sorts career started but people forget about the other ways to start a career in sports outside of being an athlete, especially when it comes to traveling. If you love to travel and have an even greater love of sports, becoming an athletic recruiter is just the career path you need to take.

Colleges and professional sports organizations hire athletic recruiters to travel the world to visit different schools and athletic events to scout out new talent. Now, in order to be an athletic recruiter, you definitely have to know the game from the inside out. In addition to knowing the game from top to bottom, you also have to know all about the various positions and skills needed for those positions.

So what does that mean? It means you have to be able to look at players and be able to assess their talents and pick the ones that will fit certain positions… it also means that you’re not just going to find it in one location… talent is all over the world and in this career field, you’re going to have to go looking for it.