10 best holiday decorating ideas for small spaces  

Just because you live in a small space, this doesn’t mean you cannot decorate for Christmas, there is absolutely no need to downsize your holiday expectations. Take a look below at our Christmas decorating ideas for those smaller homes and bring that holiday spirit into the tiniest of corners.

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Miniature tree

Don’t panic, you can still have a tree, just a miniature one. There is nothing cuter than a tiny tree for a small space. All you need to do is a buy a tree and cover it with all your favourite ornaments, garlands and a little star on top. To add to it wrap gifts around the base of the tree. A way to make your tree look slightly bigger is to place a wine crate underneath it to elevate the box. You could leave it as it is or wrap it in Christmas paper.

Use lights

Put fairy lights anywhere you possibly can – they always give off that festive feeling. Opt for warm yellow colours and drape them across anything possible throughout your home, giving it that festive sparkle.

Thinking outside the box

If you have any spare mason jars, fill them with a variety of small pine cones. Once the jars are full, turn them upside down and wrap the bases with ribbon. You can arrange your jars from tallest to smallest into a cone shape that creates a tree. Add fresh greenery such as holly to the tops of your jars.

Table topper, show stopper

This is so simple. All you need is paper and wrapping paper. Make some paper pointy cones and wrap them in some wrapping paper. Each one should feature colourful patterns and you should add a festive star on top. You can then place them in a cluster on your side tables or on the mantelpiece. You could add some beads or glitter string to group the cones together.

Decorative bedding

A small space requires decorative bedding with festive colouring such as red and white so you can wake up in a good mood every day of December. Our best advice is to do this in colours that are consistent with the rest of the Christmas decorations. It might be worth checking out bed bases by Divan Bed Centre so you have a place to put everything when Christmas is over.

Smart kitchen decor

Hang Christmas ornaments, such as small wreaths or figurines, off red ribbon on your kitchen cabinets for that festive touch. These decorations won’t come in the way of your everyday cooking and you can run this idea through your whole house.

Dress up chairs

If you have a small table and chairs in your home jazz them up with a bit of Christmas spirit, such as wrapping a neutral ribbon around the back or hanging a small wreath from the back of it.

Utilize your window space

Show off your holiday spirit to the outside world. Put together a string of snowflakes and snowballs and fill the window with them hanging down. Get some snow spray and spray around the bottom of the window. Also, cut a wintery scene out of paper or make it out of white playdough to place at the bottom of the string for more effect.

Maximise your stair railing

Get yourself a garland with a string of festive ornaments such as reindeer, mini snowmen or Nutcrackers or flowers on, then hang it from your bannister. To make it stay on better you can use some zip ties. You should do the same on any available surface such as TV stands and a mantelpiece.

Reach up high

When you lack space, you can hang things from the ceiling such as snowflakes made from card. You don’t need to hammer nails into the ceiling as these snowflakes will be lightweight. Just get yourself a ladder and some tape to stick them up with and then they’ll easily just pull off at the end of the Christmas period.

There you have it, sounding festive already there you have ten great ways to make your space Christmassy this year.