10 Ideas for Students Who Love Travelling

Travelling is one of the most thrilling activities in the world today. Everyone loves to travel and see new places unless you are a weirdo who spends most of your time indoors alone. Travelling has numerous benefits for both the young and the old.

And the best part is, you cannot replace travelling. Just because you saw a waterfall or a beach on your iPhone or iPad doesn’t mean you know everything about the location.

It’s very important to take some time off and travel to new destinations especially when you are young. When an opportunity presents itself along the way, students should take their time to consider before rejecting them. You are probably wondering how to travel as a student. Here are ten ideas about travel for students.

1.      Finances should not hold you back

As a travel student, the biggest challenge is usually finances. And yes, travelling has its price. However, you should never let your finances hinder you from travelling. Since you love travelling, you can think of studying abroad or conducting an independent research in a new destination. By engaging in school activities and going for educational trips, you’ll get to learn a lot.

2.      Take charge of your education

Travelling can get difficult when you have lots of excuses in your mind. You might start thinking that students who travel waste a lot of time outdoors instead of being in class studying. You have probably met students who travel as much as they can yet appear on top of the list with good grades. The secret is taking charge of your education and managing your time effectively.

3.      Communicate with others

If you are scared of travelling alone, you should talk to someone who has already done it. Getting in touch with such a person will help you get rid of your fears take action. The same applies in school. If you don’t know how to write, you can pay someone to do your research paper instead of struggling. While he or she might have a different experience from you, you’ll feel better communicating with someone who has done what you want to do.

4.      Stay a bit longer

You should not be in a rush to travel and come back home. Travelling is all about enjoying the thrilling experiences and learning new things. You cannot learn or enjoy yourself in one or two days only. You can plan to stay for a couple of days or a week before going back. You’ll realize how time flies while enjoying yourself.

5.      Create relationships with the locals

When you are travelling alone or as a group, it’s important to create relationships with the locals. Communicating with the locals will make it easier for you to learn new things about the area and the people. It will help you avoid embarrassing yourself. As a traveler, it’s easy to get lost. However, communicating with the locals will help you stay on track.

6.      Carry a backup device

Since you’ll be far away from home, it’s important for you to carry a couple of devices as backup. Even if it’s a cheap phone, it will come in handy when you drop or lose your smartphone while travelling. Your devices should be Wi-Fi enabled to avoid getting lost.

7.      Inform your bank

Informing your bank about your trip will help you get the currency you’ll need in your new destination. Plus, you’ll have some form of back up in case you lose your card. There is nothing as frustrating as locals rejecting your currency. Informing your bank will help you know more about bank charges rates abroad.

8.      Have an ID

To travel abroad, you’ll need a passport or a travel permit. A student ID will help you travel at discounted rates. You should start making plans to get one as soon as possible if you are thinking of travelling any time soon.

9.      Take your pet

If you are travelling alone, taking your pet with you is one of the best things you can do for yourself and him or her. Pets get stressed and angry when left alone for a few days. You’ll feel better having a companion who cares for you while travelling.

10. Celebrate your victory

If you have been excelling in school, you should reward yourself by travelling to new destination. Celebrating your wins helps you create memories and motivate you to work harder and longer when you get back.


Travelling is one of the most exciting activities you can do as a student. It’s very important for you to plan your trip in advance to avoid inconveniences and rushes. By considering the ten tips discussed above, you’ll be among the top ten percent of student traveling who spend most of their time learning new things and enjoying themselves.

You cannot afford to stay indoors playing video games and watching TV shows all the time. Now is the time to feel the gentle breeze on your face and the warm rays of the sun on your skin. Start making plans today. You have nothing to lose.


Robert is a professional editor and freelance writer. He loves contributing his experience and insights as a traveler on his blog regularly. During his free time, you’ll find him hiking and camping in new destinations or surfing.