20 Best College Graduation Tattoo Ideas

Graduation is one of the most meaningful moments in the life of a student. You have come all the way from enrollment, taking exams, searching for top students’ essay writing service reviews, and doing homework night long. Finally, you are at the turning point that will leave a lasting mark. So, if it makes an imprint on your mind, it should have the same effect on your body.

Alma Mater

This idea is excellent for those whose university experience was epic. University abbreviation can show how proud you are to graduate from the particular school.

Sonority/Fraternity Name

A secret word or sign of your community is a great option to remember about precious times you spent in unity.

Gradient Line

Studying has not always been easy, so it will be a great reminder of both good and challenging times at college.

City Outline

Did you go to college which is miles away from your home? Will you miss that place? Well, not, if you have an image of your lucky place in the heart but also on your hand.

Your Major

You will never forget about your interest and passion if you have it tattooed somewhere on your body. It is also a great way to express enthusiasm you have for a future profession.

Fall Foliage

A perfect sign of a new season in your life.

White Ink Tattoo

Depict a turning point in your life in an exclusive way. Any sign or a picture in white ink will make a difference.

Grad Cap

A cap with the graduation year will be an awesome sign of your achievements.

Coffee Cup

It is hard to imagine a student without a cup of coffee every morning, day, and night. So, it may give you a perfect memory of precious school years.


The usual punctuation mark has an unusual meaning. The symbol of mental-health awareness will remind you of the best moments of school life.

World Map

New opportunities and heights are offered for you, so you need to take every challenge and chance life gives you.

The Motto of the School

A school motto tattoo can inspire you and revive the best memories you may need.

Abstract Art Line

Foxery and creativity are the key traits of character necessary for successful studying. A custom art line is the best way to remember that.

School Team

If you are a part of the football team or any other organization in school, you have another idea of a memorable tattoo.

Zodiac Sign

A trivial idea that may hide a deeper meaning.

Little Paper Plane

Carefree days are over or, maybe they have just begun. Anyway, a small paper plane will be a sign of freedom and independence.

Colorful Moon

Sleepless nights doing homework and hanging out with friends? They will always remain in your memory. Just have a look at the colorful moon tattoo and recall all the best moments of your student life.

Rose Around Your Wrist

A beautiful rose flower with a thornful stem is a great illustration of your school years, full of fun moments and challenging times.

Paw Print

You can finally reunite with your favorite pet. The tiny paw print tattoo will help you remember the separation time and value unity time even more.


Your heart will always be filled with joy when you start thinking about school years.

Well, if it is your final year in the college, leave off reading speedy paper reviews and check out the list of most unique graduation tattoo ideas.