3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Your Children Will Love

It is often the case, that after having completed in inventory of all the Christmas gifts you have bought for your children, you just can’t help feeling that you need just a few more. Christmas does, after all, come but once a year and making it as special as possible, particularly for children, is the aim of many loving parents.

Here are 3 ideas for fabulous last minute gifts that your children will love.

  1. A Scooter

The renaissance that the humble scooter has enjoyed for some years now is remarkable. One only has to do some crude calculations as to the ratio of bikes to scooters, when walking through the local park, in order to appreciate this and why not?

Scooters are great exercise, are a good excuse to get some fresh air and come in many exciting shapes, colours and sizes. Check out the range of scooters at Skatehut and pick up that all important last minute gift quickly and easily.

  1. A Board Game

Whilst the trend for video games is unescapable, they are of course great fun in moderation, there is still something to be said for a good board game.  For starters, most video games are only designed for a maximum of 2 players, whereas a board game gives many more players the chance to join in.

Board games are a great way to spend a couple of hours during the festive season and can be educational as well as fun. The likes of Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly are old favourites that have stood the test of time, but there are a raft of newer board games worthy of exploration – games like Ticket to Ride may be well suited to older children.

  1. Tickets to an Event

Often overlooked by parents because they don’t have much of an on-the-day wow factor are tickets to an event, however, they make a really good present and are hassle free when it comes to purchasing.

The options are relatively straight forward and include tickets to a music event or to the theatre. Think outside of the box, however and there are more options; Harry Potter World and the recording of a children’s TV programme being just two of them.

There’s plenty to choose from and still enough time to get them and so go on, spoil your children a little this year and get them a couple more last minute presents.